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Opinions of Sunday, 17 January 2010

Columnist: The Royal Enoch

Dr Nkrumah's Prophecy

When courage flees
Cowards would feast upon the land
So bring in the cowards
Don't hold back the traitors
Make way for my assassins
Release the thieves
For they shall rule the Land
After I am gone

Close the classrooms
Pull down the schools
Hide the books
Break the pencils and pens
Sack the teachers
Send your graduates packing
For the illiterates shall rule the Land
After I am gone

Stop the inventions
Cease the science and technology researches
Suspend the creative endeavors
Shut the laboratory doors
Abandon the factories
Start importing everything
For nothing would be made in Ghana
After I am gone

Unclean hands would mislead the pure
The innocence would leave 4 sure
The dreamers would take flight
For none would stand up and fight
For what is right
Ghana would lie bleeding
Her people would be sent fleeing
After I am gone