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Opinions of Friday, 19 April 2013

Columnist: Adoli, Kofi

Dr Bawumia: Chief Witness Or Mischief Witness?

It has been an interesting first full day in court. As a lay person, the live coverage of proceedings on radio and television has really brought the courts to me in an exciting way. The champions of TV coverage in this case deserve a part on their backs. It is still the case of uncharted waters, as the case has just began. So while we bask in the excitement, we must prepare for occasional surprises, especially when particulars from the NPP/petitioners seem to be continuously in flux. Anything can happen the night before the morning after!

Indeed, there were intriguing moments in the court. Whiles the excitement from the media coverage might have taken a little long to sink in, many other antics of the witness-in-chief ably supported by his counsel will sure take even longer. Not only did the lead witness sneak in a material evidence which was not shared with respondents but he also updated some particulars the night before! Even surreal was the fact that the judges overruled objections from respondents.

For years, the non-aligned Ghanaian of the Arthur Kennedy kind have put it to us that Dr Bawumia is inexperienced. They often put it bluntly. But it was not taken too seriously by some of us. That has, since the case was adjourned, ceased, thanks to counsel for Dr Bawumia.

On an occasion as serious as this; when Dr Bawumia was leading as witness-in-chief in a monumental but farcical case challenging the legitimacy of President Mahama, one would have expected Lawyer Phillip Addison not to have hacked open the guts of Bawumia in such a ruthless manner. If on day one, the chief witness is being declared inexperienced by his own counsel, what will happen when Tsatsu Tsikata stands to cross-examine him? I see Lawyer Addison declaring 'indisposed!, indisposed!

Even more drama: Dr Bawumia was the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana. True or False? So he has the skills and energy to communicate his thoughts and feelings without stuttering, right? How come that without Dr Bawumia even whispering to Lawyer Addison the latter declared that the former was tired? So now he was not only inexperienced; his ability to communicate his feeling had degenerated too. Double trouble!

I cannot wrap up without mentioning the chief mischief of the day: Bawumia attempting to use the Savelugu arrests! Indeed the Chief-witness' use of that shows a petition thin on evidence. It gave a clear indication that the likelihood of concocted evidence being used to prosecute an already feeble case is strong.
In the light of the trickery exhibited by petitioners and their Lawyers in court today, is it not proper to ask whether Dr Bawumia was indeed a Chief witness or a mischief witness?

All Rise!
Case adjourned.

Yours Truly,
Kofi Adoli,