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Opinions of Saturday, 9 January 2021

Columnist: Nathaniel Konadu Opoku

'Double Track' in the nation's premiere university being resisted by students

File photo of the University of Ghana, Legon File photo of the University of Ghana, Legon

Recent happenings in the University of Ghana is distasteful and worrying.

From the appointment of the student's representative council to her inclusion in the recent University modular system starting on Monday, students feel powerless more than ever in the nation's premiere university.

Management of the University including the appointed SRC proposes

* A double-track & system.

* A six weeks of teaching and learning.

* One week of revision.

* Two weeks for exams.

* 30% and 70% continuous assessment for exams and assignments respectively due to the coronavirus.

Why Management decision is not due to Coronavirus

Management insists the 6 weeks model is necessary due to COVID-19.

But rooms still remain 4-in-a-room.

The big question remains that If COVID-19 is truly the reason then why are traditional and UGEL hostels.

4-in-a room?

It has become obvious that the university is finding ways to accommodate the large numbers it accepted into the university and using Coronavirus as a disguise.

The best approach is for Management to oversee the fastest implementation of the campus accommodation initiative and let the academic semester be as it used to be.

The initiative was to aggregate private accommodation providers near the school
The single market would have facilitate smooth accommodation in-take for the many students who continue to struggle for over 10 years now in search of a better place to sleep and learn.

For now students do not see any way a 12-13 weeks course can be completed in 6 weeks.

The University of Ghana is not just a school.

It is a bastion of leadership and the hill of enviable integrity.

Leadership with a mind ready at all times and a conscience quick to feel. Will the University proceed to uphold the student's course?

Time will only tell.