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Opinions of Sunday, 18 November 2012

Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.

Dooms Day Minister Or Information Minister?

By: Stephen A.Quaye.

The statement made by the deputy information minister Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, moment President Barack Obama, was re-elected in the United States of America,[U.S.A] has sent some political analysts laughing their hearts out simply because they claim the minister did not know what he was talking about.

In a quick congratulatory message to the American president, Okudzeto Ablakwa predicted as saying,” what happened to President Obama will surely happen to the president and for that matter NDC presidential candidate John Dramani Mahama come December 7”.

What happened and continue to happen to President Obama that Okudzeto Ablakwa predicts will happen to President John Mahama these analysts continue to ask wondering whether the information minister has any clue to it.

The information minister did not know what happened before, during and after the elections thinking winning an election is just about using all means to get pushed over the edge to be declared the winner.

Maybe he has been told that it was the latino votes from the swing states at the coastal areas that pushed president Obama to defeat his contender Mitt Romney in the just ended election therefore they are going to work more in NDC world bank to repeat the dose come December 7 elections.

But with that one aside, does the information minister really knows the consequences the president went through before and even now that the elections are over for him to predict that same will happen to president John Mahama? No I do not think so.

Prior to the elections did he hear about the fiscal cliff the country was facing that made the president to keep his busy butt up staying overnight to convince the republicans at congress and House of Representatives to accept and push the debt ceiling higher in order for wheels of government not to come to a halt?

Possibly he heard about the shocking disaster in the wake of super storm hurricane Sandy and other super storms with their codenames hitting the country causing billions of dollars in damages that affected lives and property which has become a burden on the government.

Okudzeto Ablakwa I believe did not do any research before coming out to make that prediction otherwise he would have realized that one of the major shocks that happened to president Obama immediately after his re-election was how the stock market slumped just after the declaration of the results that made him the winner of the elections.

Investors reacted gloomily to the re-election of Obama as Dow Jones industrial average sold heavily on that Wednesday morning falling by as much as 369 points before closing down 312.95 points or 2.36 per cent at 12,932.73, its lowest level with the Toronto Stock exchange as well as Asian and European stocks taking similar path because investors did not believe the political infighting was going to change.

Less than 24 hours after president Obama has won the election by getting more of the latino votes that pushed him over the edge,” bam” a 7.4 magnitude earth quake rocked Guatemala one of the Latino country’s at least killing 39 people in that country.

In less than one week after winning his second term in office as president of the United States, he announced of visiting Myanmar as the first American president to visit that South East Asian country.

Then again,” bam’” another strong earth quake 6.8 magnitude which jolted the northern part of Myanmar delaying his visit to the country which has been described as super natural.

With these entire supernatural occurrences happening to the American president will one predict that what happens to him should happen to President John Dramani Maham?

Again I have stated on different platforms that winning an election is not just about getting more votes than an opponent to emerge the winner but rather adopting policies and programmes which when implemented will seek the welfare of the electorates.

Therefore let the electorate study the policies and programmes adopted by the contesting parties and make an inform choice instead of hearing dooms day prophets predicting “what happened to Obama will happen to John Mahama’ without they themselves knowing what is happening to Obama.

Next time I will touch on the fiscal cliff and whether there has been any change as which party controls the senate and what party controls the house of the representatives as far as the U.S election was concern.