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Opinions of Friday, 10 January 2014

Columnist: Acheamfour, Baah

Donating To N.P.P. Is Wontumi’s Habit

The man Wontumi has many names, all positive. He is Bernard Antwi Boasiako, but popularly known as either “Chairman Wontumi”, “Youth Activist” or “Action Man” among others. I am adding another, “The Realist”.

In our era of politicking we need strategic persons occupying strategic positions within the party and for those who understand the reality of politics, Politics are of two varieties; the reality on one hand and the constant attacks from the NDC on the other.

Many politicans make promises during election campaigns, which we all hear but how many are able to honour their promises? Do those politicians have track records to prove their wiliness and capabilities to deliver those promises?
I have known Mr. Benard Antwi Boasiako (Chairman Wontumi) for the past Four years when I was the Communications Officer to the National Chairman Mr. Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey and can attest to what I have seen him done. This is not hearsay I have seen him deliver for the party in terms of finance, logistics and ideas.
I read that Hon. Osei Prempeh who is contesting Mr. Bernard Antwi Bosiako (Chairman Wontumi) for the Ashanti Regional Chairmanship is complaining bitterly about the fact that Chairman Wontumi has paid for all the nominations form for polling station executives who were contesting for various positions in the just gone Constituency Elections.
Not only that, he has also paid 20,000 Ghana Cedis to the party for everyone wishing to contest the Regional Elections in Ashanti Region.
Hon. Osei Prempeh thinks “Chairman Wontumi” is trying to buy his way into the Electoral process and that it amounts to vote-buying. I only hope that this is just hearsay and in fact not something that Hon. Prempeh has said.
I want to set the records straight and as a matter of fact educate Hon. Prempeh and his surrogates that this is not the first time “Chairman Wontumi” is donating this heavily to the Party. He loves to help and strengthen his party financially and logistically and he is on record for helping the party he has always loved with heavy financial contributions.
He did those even at a time when he wasn’t contesting for any party position. This is a man who truly loves his party.
Let me tell you some of the things he has done and continues to do for the party apart from the latest known contributions;
- Donated thousands of Cedis to the NPP HQ during and after the NPP National Campaign of 2012
- Paying Salaries of NPP HQ Personnel
- Has rented accommodation for several NPP HQ Personnel in various locations in Accra
And many many more. He is not a Member of Parliament but contributes his quota which is even larger than a lot of the MPs.
It has been his hobby to donate to the party even when he was not vying for any position in the party. It is a clear recipe of the love he has for our dear Party N. P. P.
If no one appreciates, hail and encourage such people rather than casting aspersion on their generosity, I will. There is one key thing about this Young Chairman. Unlike others, he has a very cool temperament, doesn’t “blow his horn”, is very approachable, can be reached easily on the phone and above all, loves his party and his country Ghana.
Now just a little question for our Honourable Member of Parliament. The grapevine has it that, “Chairman Wontumi” contributed to the MPs fund in Ashanti Region and that Hon. Prempeh knew about this. While he did, he made no noise about it. It was helping him and his colleagues who the grapevine also claims are against “Chairman Wontumi” and have started ganging up against him.
They claim he’s got a lower educational standard and cannot be the Ashanti Regional Chairman. They forget he was a Constituency Chairman in Ashanti Region and has clout, support and resources and can help raise the membership and support in the Ashanti Region. Rather than vilifying him, they should support him. He will be one of the Youngest Regional Chairpersons if not the youngest in our party.
How many of these MPs can manage the number of businesses and employees that “Chairman Wontumi” is managing currently? How many of these MPs making unnecessary noise have contributed to the development of the Party more than “Chairman Wontumi”?
I sincerely believe that so far as he is a successful business man, has employees whom he treats with respect, none can challenge the fact that he will manage our dear Party very well in Ashanti Region.
The party must desist from trying to practise “Education-focused” politics and face reality. We have people who have no certificates but have contributed immensely to the party, bringing it to power.
I will urge “Chairman Wontumi” to forge ahead and resist every oppressor’s rule that comes his way because the Party dearly needs him at this crucial time.
GO! GO!! GO!!! WONTUMI GO!!!!!!

The writer is the Former Communication Officer to the NPP National Chairman (Jake Otanka Obetsebi-Lamptey)