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Opinions of Monday, 24 July 2006

Columnist: Asamoah-Baidoo, Arnold

Don't condem Daasebre Gyamena

Daasebre Gyamena's brush with the law, with his alleged involvement in drug-trafficking hit the nation akin to Michael Jackson's paedophilic trial or R. Kelly's sexual assault charges hitting the international media. Daasebre has undoubtedly and unarguably engraved his name in showbusiness, with his name being household and his popularity being unquestioned. He is very astute and kids even sing his songs verbatim.

But why Daasebre Gyamena?

Why get himself ensnared in this illicit drug-trafficking syndrome? Well, celebrities all over the world are noted for getting themselves entangled with the law in one way or the other. For some,it is part of scoring popularity votes especially in showbusiness. Bobby Brown, DMX, Busta Rhymes have all been arrested for possession of drugs for personal usage.

Tony Yayo, Jadakiss and 50Cent have all been querried for illicit gun possession. Bob Okalla has been incriminated,trialed and released for rape, Nkomode has been incarcerated for visa-racketeering and the once-adored Gemann is serving time for a senseless shooting. Other 'big names' have been rumoured to be dealing in one bad deed or the other, but how do I rate Daasebre's case. Honestly,I have no moral justification to rack up a rating for him,because he is innocent until he's proven guilty. Daasebre is an excellent songwriter and an good crooner or balladeer. He's endeared himself to the hearts of many Ghanaians, both young and old with his sublime and profane-free lyrics mostly based on the delicate matters of love.

Cementing his place in music with his 'kokooko' hit song in 1999, he has gone on to produce platinum-selling albums. His albums have been sell-outs in Europe and the Americas and he has also performed on big stages both home and away. So the question that erupts is why would one with such ginormous fame and fortune would want to cast a slur on his hard-earned reputation with drugs worth a paltry amount,from the artistes point of view. Is it greed, infantile-demeanour,or it's simply a feeling of no gratification in the job?

I'm befuddled as to why a top-selling artiste who has multiple cars and a huge house,all of which were garnered from singing should disrepute himself with drugs. What could be more lavish and luscious than riding luxurious sport cars and sleeping in a beautiful house? It is most unfortunate that people have been quick in condemning the man, even before he's proven guilty.

The same loving fans who clamoured for his CDs and tried feverishly to get hold of his garment during his performances on stage are the same people disparaging and maligning him on the radio. It is heartbreaking to listen to people slander him so hard on radio and some media personalities don't help matters with their flippant comments on radio and the newspapers concerning the case. The most prudent thing for us to do ,is to hold our tongues for a minute,pray for a thorough and fair investigations and hope for Daasebre Gyamena's exoneration. If he's found guilty,then we can vilify him and raise questions as to the cause and motive for his actions.

Until then, good luck to Daasebre 'Ahoofe' Gyamena.

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