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Opinions of Thursday, 10 January 2013

Columnist: Addai, Michael

Don’t Betray The Essence Of Democracy

Conceding? Not! Don’t Betray The Essence Of Democracy

(date written:- 21/12/2012)

By: Michael Addai

Democracy is not only about conduction of elections from time to time, it is also about a robust freedom of speech, an effective legislature and judiciary. There is no point, in the name of peace, in acquiescing to or for that matter conceding to a fraudulently and elaborately rigged elections, eagerly condoned, connived and made possible by the very people who are meant and charged to supervise and ensure fairness. Doing that itself, is very detrimental and damaging to the very nature, principle and essence of democracy and would surely be a serious threat to the very peace we hope and seek to protect in our society.

Dissatisfied participants of democracy should rather be encouraged to go to competent, fair-minded and unbiased law courts with solid evidence to seek judicial review or redress of their grievances. Any fair and sane minded democrat should not see this move or prerogative as a threat to peace or as such democracy. Failure to encourage and promote this would rather lead to one-party elected dictatorship and its subsequent unrest, agitation and the follow up repercussions in society. Ability to challenge election results through the law courts and public opinion without any fear or favour is also part of any well-meaning democratic norm.

There is nothing more reprehensible and dangerous than having an organization supposedly charged with the responsibility of refereeing elections impartially, allegedly aiding and abetting other contestants to engage in electoral malpractices.

I will never prescribe nor subscribe to warfare in such a situation but if one has to fight, i.e. through the law courts and public opinion, against those who have dictatorial hegemonic tendencies towards “elected” one-party state, in order to preserve and protect one's nascent and budding democracy, so be it!! That said, that would not be the only or the first and indeed the last time a society had to resort to that to build, ensure and protect proper democratic dispensation.

It is at this juncture that I urge the law courts particularly the Supreme Court to judge with serenity, maturity and sincerity with solid evidence before them. Their fair decision, without any compulsion from whosoever, will go a long way to determine whether our country will continue to enjoy the peace and tranquility in the midst of alleged electoral injustices and malpractices that we have today in our perceived stable democracy.

"Facts are sacred but opinions are free'!!

Copyright: Michael Addai