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Opinions of Sunday, 9 February 2014

Columnist: Azindoo

Does Ghana have a dream ?

I have searched many sources which includes:Ghana’s print media, foreign prints, historical narrations worldwide and by asking our senior citizens in Ghana, but non has given me any clue of Ghana having had a dream. If at all we ever had a dream, that’s a big question.

For the past 25 years, as youthful as I am, I only heard of vision 2020, but it has vanished into thin-air after Jerry John Rawlings left office. It was a national ethos blue- printed by Mr. Rawlings regime to uplift Ghana from poverty. I would say it’s been thrown into a trash can, because that vision hasn’t materialized for we’re still as same as the Ghana of 25 years ago.

Of recent, there is this false vision - The Middle Age Income country mantra echoing and jingling all over . Is this attainement of Middle Age country really a national ethos of ours or it’s been forced down onto us? Yes, it’s not our vision but a vision been envisaged by the westen world.

A vision of a country should be a set of ideals in which a coutry sets for itself, for its people to achieve so that citizens or the country can attain certain heights, limits, status and aspirations. But in our case for example, it isn’t our thinking, but limits set by others for us. Why can’t we have our goals and priorities set by ourselves for we know what’s good for us?

America had its dream and clearly, that has been achieved.They are proud to be the richest society on earth.The great Britain had its dream too.We can’t forget of the German dream, the Russian dream too. Now, the mighty China has a dream.

The Chinese dream is big as they have lifted more than 200 million out of poverty, which is about 15 countries in Africa. They are now the second largest economy in the world.They are one of the space powers in the world.They are breaking all records including the recent break through of Altra High Speed Missile tested a month ago.They are building an air craft carrier with a promise of having four of such gigantic warship.

Can Ghana have a dream? I think we can’t looking at the way have a mind set. We don’t think excuse me to say so, we don’t think creatively, we don’t look oudside of the box, we see things as same not curious, we don’t reason critically we just take things as it’s said to us. We don’t try to break mysteries up.

Go to our universities you’ll see what I’m talking about. All what they learn there is recycled materials which are old-fashioned in today’s modern world. No authentic research in our universities if there’s any, it’s been purloined somewhere and look as if it’s original. All in all, it’s not yet over young men out there. Do your best open your eyes wide and think. Ask the though provocative questions, try things out, imagination is important, have the both positive and negative thought of issues, take what you don’t know, but with clarity, try out different appraoches to every issue (Electicism)

I believe, if we change our attitudes, Ghana can go into space, but I don’t mean the the usual empty noise we heard since the days of Kwame Nkrumah that - Ghana can manage its own affairs illusions which is still hanging on our necks.

What I believe is for us to change and just think and do.

When Will Ghana come up with a dream we can’t wait anymore and any longer.

By: Azindoo.