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Opinions of Thursday, 20 October 2011

Columnist: Broni, Kwaku

Doctors were pushed to go on reluctant strike - Rejoinder

Arthur Kennedy: Doctors were pushed to go on reluctant strike - Rejoinder

Dr. Arthur Kennedy,

When did you become the spokesman for the GMA? You are exhibiting an expected behaviour of a stake holder in this strike who is fueling the dispute.

Call a spade a spade and stop your condescending attitude of a doctor and opposition party member who wants to use the conflict to score cheap political points.

We all know that the strike is not about migrating doctors to the SSSS. It is about the fact that doctors don't want to accept the level they have been assigned because that will narrow the gap between them and other health and government workers.

No SSSS will satisfy these doctors so long as they don't receive the lion's share of government resources including salary.

It is reported that these striking doctors are directing patience to their private hospitals where they are working full time. It is also reported that more than 95% of resources government supply to government hospitals end up in private practice. Who are in charge of the government hospitals and who are supposed to ensure that the resources stay in government hospitals? In other words, who have been stealing these resources to their private clinic?

The arrogance of these doctors is cheap and primitive rural behaviour and can only happen in poor developing countries like Ghana.

Doctors, you are educated so stop behaving like cheap village champions.

Shame on you.

Kwaku Broni