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Opinions of Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Columnist: Amoa-Kodie, Paulius Owuraku

Do we really have philosophers in Ghana?

In this 21st century, sometimes I wonder if we really have philosophers in our Country " Ghana", because it seems to me that these corrupt Politians do not have their own political ideas. They always dual on the past glory of some late Politians such as Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Dr.J.B.Danquah, and Dr. K.A.Busia. They use them as platform to deceive the electorate to get their votes!

Philosophy is nothing less than the attempt to understand who we are and what we think of our selves, And that is just what the great Philosophers of history, whom we study in Philosophy courses, were doing; trying to understand themselves and their times and their place in the world. They did this so brilliantly, infact, that their attempts remain models for us. That help us formulate our ideas and develop our ways of clarifying what we believe. That is philosophy: philosophy is simply thinking hard about LIFE, about what we have learned, about our place in the world. Philosophy is, literally, the love of wisdom. It is the search for the larger picture, the demand for knowledge-- the kind of knowledge that allows us to understand our lives and the world arounds. It is the according, the insistance on the importance of values, a refusal to get totally caught up in the details of LIFE simply go along with the crowd.

Thinking about Democracy--government by the people for the people and by the people! So if the people are corrupt they will vote for a corrupt government. The government can not change the people but the people can change the government! If Ghanaians would repent and change their crooked ways God will give to us a good government. Thank you!

" For the Africa's sake I will not keep silent , for Ghana's sake I will not remain quiet, till her righteousness shine out like a blazing torch"

From Apostle Paulius Owuraku Amoa-Kodie