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Opinions of Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Columnist: Rockson Adofo

Do not underestimate John Mahama and the NDC’s resolve to destabilize Ghana

Former president John Dramani Mahama Former president John Dramani Mahama

From the security and intelligence point of view, I strongly advise President Nana Akufo-Addo and his security advisors not to take it lightly the crazy effusions and the goading of the NDC supporters to take to the streets, by John Dramani Mahama, following the declaration of the election 2020 results by the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Mrs Jean Adukwei Mensah. John Mahama is up to something more sinister than we currently can see.

He has the effrontery to complain that the election had been rigged for the NPP without tendering in an iota of evidence. However, he has preferred his many less intelligent, if not zombie, NDC supporters, to go out on the streets in their numbers to protest, destroy properties and threaten lives to going to the court to seek redress of his tormenting grievance.

While we are worried and concentrating on their street demonstrations, he is secretly arranging his security capos to take the nation by storm. I wonder why the NDC think they were born to rule but never to be ruled hence their violent posture to intimidate Ghanaians all of the time. They want to have their way in all things. This must not be tolerated today, tomorrow or the next.

His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, must please task his trusted security operatives to shadow John Mahama, retired Lt. Colonel Larry Gbevolo Lartey and any retired army personnel in liaison with them. Again, people like Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo, Sammy Gyamfi and possibly the entire NDC hierarchy must be tailed 24hours7. Mount covert surveillance on these obvious criminals calling themselves born-to-rule politicians. This will stop them in their tracks before they mount disastrous assault on innocent Ghanaians to drag us back into the olden days of subjugation and daylight thieveries masterminded and orchestrated by the President himself and his cronies

These potential criminals and nation wreckers are up to something more diabolical than their embarked on public demonstrations. They are up to the usurpation of the governance of the nation in what is obviously known as a coup d’état.

Please, President-elect Nana Akufo-Addo, take all the intelligence revealed by Kennedy Agyapong (Hon) very seriously. All the things he had said and revealed well ahead of 7 December 2020, have come to pass. Therefore, we should not distrust his revelations about the potential usurpation of power in the country by the NDC rogues.

John Mahama, as a wounded lion as he has become, is very dangerous. He can be merciless and up to anything that will confirm him as the president-elect, although a sore-loser.

As we are not in ordinary times, instruct the security agents to take the extreme measures to dealing with anyone caught to be plotting to destabilise the nation. If I were a President in such an uncertain time, I would order for shoot to maim any potential coup d’état maker caught in the act.

Mahama and his NDC should not be allowed to subvert the will of the people to choose their leaders through their roguish behaviour. They must be resisted through the vigorous application of the laws without fear or favour.

Don’t let them take you by surprise on 31st December 2020 as then potential mutineer J. J. Rawlings did to then-President Hilla Limann. Don’t let any Christmas or New Year festivities engulf you so much as to lose guard on your security and safety and that of the nation. Let us all be as vigilant as an eagle monitoring a prey it will dive for in a moment. Don’t take your eyes off John Mahama and his bunch of nation wreckers. Keep close eye on them. Post trusted informants to the military barracks to report on any suspicious movements of people.

Seeing wisdom in this publication to act to avoid being taken by regrettable surprise, thus, John Mahama, taking over the reins of government through the backdoor is my contribution to making Ghana safe for the collective interests, safety and security of Ghanaians.

A word to the wise is enough.