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Opinions of Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Columnist: Appiah-Osei, Lawrence

“Do not be wise in your own eyes” (Prov. 3:7)

I wish to dedicate this article to my favorable opposition party in Ghana, The New Patriotic Party. (NPP) I call them my favorable opposition party because they are good at that. God did not make a mistake by letting NPP rule Ghana from 2000-2008. They became a better party for Ghana after 2008.

NPP ruled Ghana for 8 years but yet did not accomplish everything for Ghana. Instead, they touched on easy projects and left the difficult ones for the NDC to do. Examples are the Single Spine Salary Structure, the Kumasi to Accra road and a lot of other projects. After 8 years and they could not accomplish anything, they want the NDC to use just 2 months (Sept and Oct 2013) to finish everything. They know very well that they held the economy of Ghana hostage for 8 months that their bogus court case was going on. Kwaku Baako is reported to have said that the 8 months of the bogus court case is not responsible for the economic stagnation of Ghana. Is Kwaku Baako the only stranger in Ghana or is he an illiterate? If the bogus court case is not responsible for Ghana’s woes now, what does Kwaaku Baako think is responsible?

The NPP is so desperate for power to rule Ghana again, that they don’t even think about the silly proposals they have the National Executive Committee (NEC) deliberate on. How can any serious party in the world think of electing the party’s flag bearer before the polling station and constituency executives? When I read that their party chairman, Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey is certificateless, I didn’t believe it but I am beginning to believe it, because he is the one championing this “top-down” approach of running a party.

The NPP is also on record to decide whether or not to accept a proposal by the steering committee to call for an early congress to elect a presidential candidate. Lawyer Ayikoi-Otoo of NPP is also reported to have said that the NPP does not need to do any campaign until November 2016 because whatever the NPP will do between now and November 2016 would be a complete waste of time. So now which is which, NPP? Early congress or delayed campaign? There was also a funny proposal on the table to retain all their parliamentary candidates for election 2016 without having to go to primaries. The reason behind this proposal was that, during the primaries, the candidates get beat up for the NDC to capitalize on it. The NPP speak as if the NDC does not go to primaries. Let me make it clear to the NPP. The reason their parliamentary and presidential candidates get beat up is because their candidates carry a lot of cabbage into the primaries and then into the main elections.

This is a clear case of desperation on the part of the NPP. They want power “by all means’ and “at all cost.” Ghanaians are not stupid. They know the NPP is a good for nothing party and all they want is power to destroy the good things NDC has started to do. NPP do not have Ghana in their hearts. This has become very clear after the Supreme Court final verdict.

The NPP is wise in their own eyes, which is against what God teaches us in Proverbs 3:7. Because they’ve gone against what God teaches, that is why when they lose elections, they find it difficult to accept it. One of their prominent members, Arthur Kennedy has said that if you want over 4 million valid votes to be annulled before you can become President, then that right there should tell you that you actually lost the elections. There should not be any court-going about that.

My free counsel to the NPP is that they should not be wise in their own eyes. If they would understand this simple counsel, accepting elections results after 2016 would be done after the results are declared by the Electoral Commission and not 8 months down the road. This “top-down” approach proposal that they are even giving it a consideration is like building a house and after that you put the foundation on top of the house. Such a house is very likely to come down gracefully. If the NEC of the NPP is considering such a proposal, what do you think when they are given the opportunity to rule Ghana again, things will be better than what we have now? They will build Ghana beautifully and then put the foundation on it. When the country comes down, they will then turn around and blame Ghanaians for being lazy. You remember?

The NPP has rejected the true word of God and chasing after false prophets. They have thus become a good for nothing opposition party in Ghana. Ghanaians will not make any mistake and give them power anytime soon. NPP should use 2016, 2020, 2024 etc to restructure their party and come back in 2056 or so to see if Ghanaians will consider them for something. At the moment, they cannot rule Ghana through crisis. They are not ready yet and Ghanaians will not reward them for their carelessness and recklessness.

“In March 2014, when the NDC would be having their Congress and planning on how to again win in 2016, the NPP will be struggling to figure out what went wrong at the Supreme Court and who will lead them into another defeat”

Lawrence Appiah (Protocol)
Public Relations Officer (PRO)
NDC Washington Metro Branch