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Opinions of Monday, 28 November 2005

Columnist: Agyepong, Benjamin Opoku

Do not be quick to blame Eric Amoateng

I believe that my position on this issue will incur the displeasure of many in Ghana and elsewhere but hold your brief, that is exactly what I intend to achieve with this piece. It is astonishing the way Ghanaians were so quick to condemn and crucify Mr. Amoateng for merely smuggling heroin to the States. It is quite unfortunate that Mr. Amoateng happened to be a law maker in Ghana but in this endeavor was not smart enough to beat the law.

Were people not happy when Mr. Amoateng was donating money here and there to assist various development projects in his district? Had he succeeded, would he not have done more to help the poor? Why are we so quick to crucify him? Let us imagine that we in Africa had this high demand for heroin consumption as the Americans do now. What do you think would have happened? If you can not figure out the answer, I will urge you to read John Perkins? book ?Confessions of an Economic Hit Man- and you will convince yourself of how America would act if she was at the other end of the Drug trade. How many times has law makers in US not voted to allow the supply of arms to rebel leaders to fight and kill innocent people in Africa? Is the African life cheaper because we are poor? Is the devastation of Africa less important because the export of Arms to Africa helps create jobs in America?

Shell does not care to devastate the Ogony land in Nigeria because of profit which is 100% repatriated abroad. When it comes to profit (money) and the African lives, profit is placed before the African life by the west. How many lives were lost in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cote D?Ivoire, Rwanda, and etc? Consider the push for genetically engineered food by the US government against the world?s objection on the grounds that it is unsafe for human consumption. All the scientific evidence challenging that notwithstanding, GE foods are disguised and supplied to Africa for us to consume and get sick and latter import drugs from the US and elsewhere all in the name of money and jobs for Americans.

Why can?t we behave like the Americans and consider that anything that brings money into Ghana whether through fair or foul means is good and if it can not be supported, it should not be condemned. I can go on and on but I think that, my point is made already.

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