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Opinions of Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Do These NPP Critics Mean Good for the Party & the People of Ghana?

Constructive criticisms are always very much appreciated for they are for the good of the person, the organisation or the country being criticised. They do not only point out your faults but also, offer suggestions that point you in the right direction.

Destructive criticisms are only there to discourage, dehumanize and destroy the person, the country or organisation being criticised.

Permit me, my dear reading public, to define certain words before proceeding with my story.

Criticise is to ?express ?disapproval of someone or something (criticism is the noun form of the verb criticise)
Constructing means helping to improve; promoting further development or advancement Constructive (adjective) If ?advice, ?criticism, or ?actions are constructive, they are ?useful and ?intended to ?help or ?improve something
Destructive means causing, or able to cause, damage.

There were, or are certain individuals in the NPP whose actions must be dissected to confirm whether or not they represent the best interests of the party and are truly seeking the best for the suffering Ghanaian masses whose standard of living conditions has worsened under the most corruptible government in the history of Ghana presided over by H. E. John Dramani Mahama.

Rockson Adofo, the alleged NPP scribe based in London but who does not see himself as such. He was once teased, humorously of course, by Nana Yaw Sarpong, the NPP UK Communications Team Director as being a "Lone Ranger" whose cause may not be supported by NPP unless he identifies with the fold and tones down his language when writing. Yes, Rockson, the alleged Asantehene's basher who claims not to suffer fools kindly is often emotional but emotions do not win votes or endear people to you.

He shares his views, criticises and puts suggestions forward. Is his cause helping the NPP and Nana Akufo Addo to come to power any soon (in 2016) to liberate the majority of Ghanaians from their economic hardships?
I have learnt that since Friday 13 November 2015 at 11:30 am when he had an encounter with God in a way he is yet to indicate, he will try to cut out insults from his publications and be less emotional but remains truthful when discussing his strong views.

Dr Arthur Kobina Kennedy, resident in the USA has been publishing his views in frankly speaking, the most destructive manner. Was he not once a contestant for the NPP flagbearership in 2007/8 or there about? What has suddenly changed that he now seeks not only the downfall of Nana Akufo Addo but the NPP?

Kennedy, although you are resident in USA with a better job and earning a better income, do you know how the majority of Ghanaians are suffering under the clueless President Mahama's NDC-led government?

You have every right to express your views and criticisms about the party but is the way you are doing it the best method to adopt? Washing your disgusting dirty linen in public? Most of your publications if not all, are completely destructive, I must confess. They are intended to bring the party down hence some people rightly or erroneously assuming that you are an NDC mole planted in NPP.

Kobina, all is not lost. Rockson Adofo, your senior brother is advising you today to change course. Please, channel all your grievances, suggestions and way forward messages to the party leaders. If you do not trust them for a reason or the other, please channel them to Nana Akufo Addo. Once he has been chosen the leader, whether we are better than him academically or not, once he is our leader and not corrupt, please let us rally behind him to win election 2016 to liberate Ghanaians from their current financial slavery resulted from the ongoing official corruption in Ghana.

Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was academically not good. When he desired to become a lawyer, his lecturer told his father (Winston's father) that he was too stupid and unintelligent to become a lawyer. However, this same considered fool became the best Prime Minister Britain has ever had.

Let us stop boasting about our academic laurels to submit ourselves to authority where those in charge are sincere and are ready to do the job with utmost dedication.

Dr Charles Wereko-Brobbey until his suspension, could be seen by many to vigorously destroying the party. His criticisms were very destructive. One wonders how these top-notch members of NPP could behave that way. Are they on the payroll of the NDC to destroy the party they once cherished, helped to form with their sweat and by their toil?
Charles, you have now become less openly critical of the party and her leaders but much is still demanded of you. Come out with a plan that will help NPP win election 2016. Once you come out with any such strategy, please take it to the party leaders without publishing them.
Ghanaians are suffering. It is about time we liberated them from their economic hardships as best as we can. History will reward you kindly should you do as I have suggested. You have the brains and capability to do it so do it.
Dr Nyaho Nyaho Tamakloe was and probably is still an outstanding member of NPP. However, his open destructive criticisms raise much concern with a question mark to his loyalty to the party and the suffering Ghanaian masses. It is alleged he has his family members in President Mahama's administration. That is not a problem provided those relatives are being of service to Ghana and Ghanaians with all sincerity. Nonetheless, does that allow Nyaho to work against the party to cause her defeat contrary to the expectations of the majority of discerning Ghanaians?

By their actions, the bible says ye shall know them. Is money or the needs of Nyaho's stomach driving him to do what he is seen doing? It is never too late to talk him out of his behaviour which is not desirable at all. He should learn that "good name is better than riches", that cliché which is anathema to the Ghanaian politician still holds creditably in the Western civilized world.

Baah Acheamfour, a diehard "Agenda 2020" activist has been very destructive towards the cause of NPP and Nana Akufo Addo. He has been jumping from one radio station to the other like a prostitute who jumps from one man's bed into another's seeking money to satisfy their insatiable greediness or sexual satisfaction. Is he not behaving like a butterfly that jumps from flower to flower sucking the flower's nectar?

Does Baah know that it is not Nana Akufo Addo that he is destroying but the party as a whole by which way he is compounding the sufferings of many Ghanaians who desire a change in government for the better? Has Baah become a stomach politician without knowing? Please, it is not too late to reverse gear. Do so now. I count on you. I want to see the better side of Baah from today forward.

Finally, let me end with Katakyie Kwame Opoku Agyemang, that once diabolical individual who went on a national crusade to destroy Nana Akufo Addo. He failed because when God's glory is upon you, no weapons formed against you by the enemies shall prosper. He could not achieve his evil motive.

However, one interesting think about him which I greatly admire is, he has become like the biblical prodigal son. He has realised his folly, changed and returned to the NPP fold. Let us embrace him with open arm and like the biblical Saul who changed to become the proverbial Paul a waa mma ntem wo sene adikanfo", let us tasked him to the difficult jobs. As Paul went to difficult places winning souls unto God, so should Kwame go to the difficult places to win votes for NPP and the forward thinking Ghanaians who want a new government in place to curtail, if not end, the destructive corruption President Mahama alias the "Dead goat" has plunged Ghana into.

By the way where is HOPESON ADORYE? Is he still alive and kicking in Germany? Hey man, get in touch.

DJ Sarkodie of Sources radio, the No. 1 Online Ghana radio station based in UK will assist Rockson Adofo in his crusade to end emotions taking the better side of NPP members to rather engage in discourses that will win NPP more votes to take over power from the NDC in 2016. DJ, this is an uphill challenge to the Agona clan members but we shall prevail for where there is a will, there is always a way.

Peace be unto you all. Amen

Rockson Adofo