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Do Some Ghanaians Still Want NDC Government to Win Power in 2016?
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Opinions of Monday, 21 October 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Do Some Ghanaians Still Want NDC Government to Win Power in 2016?

? ? Wonders indeed, will never end in Ghana. Upon all the corruption in perpetuation by the Mahama/Arthur-Amissah NDC-led government, some insatiably greedy Ghanaians still hope for the NDC to win power in 2016. This Mahama government beleaguered by self-inflicted economic woes, broad daylight thievery, and full of incompetent personalities without nation-administering knowhow, is still fervently prayed for by the likes of Kwesi Pratt Jnr. to continue in power beyond 2016. ? ? With all the economic and financial hardships the majority of Ghanaians are engulfed in, who in their right moral senses would want the clueless President, government and party to rule Ghana into, and beyond, year 2016? In Ghana, where the government is consciously perpetrating corruption, tribalism in government, positive discrimination in recruitment of people into the civil service, security forces, until the point of the sharing of the national cake, who again in his/her sane mind would want such a government to rule for many more years? ? ? Unless one is truly sick in their mind or benefits markedly from such a deplorably strangulating socio-economic situation, nobody, I repeat, nobody, would want to see the continuation of such a despicable epoch in their life as Ghanaian. ? ? I do not see President Mahama’s government as come to alleviate the plight of the ordinary Ghanaian but a complete looting brigade come to steal, kill and destroy as does their master the devil. If it was not so, the NDC governments since the late President Mills until John Mahama and thereafter, would not be driven by the avid need for paying out established dubious judgment debts to people like Alfred Agbesi Woyome and pure ghosts. ? ? What a miserable punitive situation brought to bear on many innocent but poor Ghanaians? President Mahama is himself not deft in the art of governance. He is not born to rule. He is not trained to rule hence, the mess he is making at the presidency. To rule a nation successfully is not by the implementation of any rubbish ideas and policies of "Ede bii keke". It is by serious thinking and putting in place sound socio-politico-economic policies. ? This president is very stubborn. How many times have I not invited him to come and drink freely from my overflowing fountain of wisdom but he refuses, as stubborn as he is? ? ? When I tell the truth, oftentimes castigating my targets or criticising them constructively or destructively, some commentators think I am panting and raving so I have to be ignored. Ignore me at your own peril. ? ? When I talk in this troubled Ghana we live in at the moment, it is just because I want to right the unprecedented wrongs in prevalence to make the country palatable to all. It is also in the belief that "The great man will never live forever and the cautious man will never live at all". I have to make a difference to impact positively on fellow Ghanaians who in their majority are suffering. I shall get there eventually. I shall not be deterred by the vicious slurring of me by some opponents who stand to lose when my noble aspirations for the disadvantaged poor masses are attained. ? Perseverance conquers difficulties. I shall persevere in my noble cause until victory is ours. It is the wicked crooks in positions of responsibility to benefit remarkably although illegally, that still hope for Mahama to rig elections to continue with his rotten socio-politico-economic agenda to deprive many Ghanaians of their little respect left as proud citizens belonging to a free country. ? HATE ME, BUT FOR A GOOD REASON! ? ? Rockson Adofo ?

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