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Opinions of Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Columnist: Osabutey, Daniel

Do Not Take Electorates For Granted

By: Daniel Osabutey ( 0277-722587)
(Initiator of Get Together Movement)
Accra Polytechnic.

It is an undeniable fact that many politicians have for a long time taken the electorates for granted .It is not uncommon to find them use fantastic and unrealistic promises as bate to win the support of innocent electorates. Should we continue to vote for a Political Party after failing to fulfill their own manifesto Promises? Do we have the constitutional right to hold such politicians liable for unfulfilled promises and if so, do we really exercise this right? Should we disregard our Parties over ambitious electoral promises and still vote for them because of affiliation or lineage. Do we just vote because it is our democratic right to do so or vote on credible issues? It is unfortunate some Politicians trivialize electoral promises as mere ‘’ Political talk” and some after failing to fulfill these promises would not show any remorse but openly declared “electoral Promises are not laws” Politicians who lie to electorates to have their mandate are in breach of trust which is tantamount to fraudulent misrepresentation and should not be taken lightly. It is a fact that seeking power through lies and deceit places a perpetual albatross on the neck of that power seeker. Politicians who are only interested in getting the people’s mandate for their selfish interest are hindering our nation’s progress. I believe electorates are matured and discerning to identify Politicians who genuinely want to serve them. Let’s cherish our voting right and eschew selling this “birth right”(vote) . Allowing Politicians to buy your vote is an affront to your dignity which ostensibly exonerate them from fulfilling their promises since they perceive it to mean paying for your “services”. Can we have the moral courage to hold our Politicians accountable if we have already got our pound of flesh?
Regardless of our Political affiliation, let’s be bold to uphold the truth no matter the consequences .Engaging in unsubstantiated allegations and making misleading Promises will not guarantee electoral victory. We need ‘’servant politicians’’ who will exhibit selflessness by placing the development of Ghana ahead of their parochial partisan interest. Development cannot thrive in the absence of Peace, we therefore need people who will not only preach Peace without practicing it but those who will Preach and practice peace. We have about three months to elections 2012 thus we have a collective responsibility to ensure a violence free elections. We have only one nation ( Ghana) and should therefore not gamble with the Peace we are enjoying. Elections is not “ do or die affair”, Politicians must therefore respect the decision of the electorates. Let’s name and shame those who will foment and perpetrate violence all in the name of advancing their political ambition. Those who will commit themselves to the promotion of Peace by conducting issue based campaign devoid of insults, lies, acrimony and character defamation should be commended.
Politics is a noble profession so Politicians should not make it “dirty”. We expect our Politicians to exercise enough circumspection in making promises, be truthful and transparent to the electorates and never take them for granted. God bless our Nation.

Source: Adzigodi Dennis Narterh