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Opinions of Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Do Ghanaians really care about Protecting their good Name?

There is an adage that goes, "Good name is better than riches". Be honest with me, how many Ghanaians of today are willing to, or do judiciously, protect or aspire to protect, their good name? Most of them have chucked anything about good name into the dungeon where light never shines. They are all aspiring for opulence regardless how it comes their way hence, the unprecedented official and unofficial acts of gargantuan corruption going on in Ghana today.

In the wake of the NDC government's abhorrence of ethics for unspecified reasons, there is unfortunately a looming danger of political and tribal polarization of Ghanaians. Under the watch of the current government and leadership, any issue pertaining to preservation of good name has become an anathema. The quest for riches by government Ministers, appointees, and the NDC bigwigs has shifted into overdrive. They are chasing and maximising wealth and power by any foul means available to them.

Ghana is treading on a very thin line where if we trip, we shall land in the abyss of perpetual socio-economic hardship and civil unrest. This is all because of our devilish desire to reap from where we have not sown. Why do some people pugnaciously desire to retain power or gain wealth at the cost of their good name? JUSTICE is like a fatal poison to these shameless beings. A case in point is the recently conducted presidential and parliamentary elections in Ghana. Instead of the Electoral Commissioner, Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan, executing his duties with precision, he rather listened to the dictates of his heart. Normal and wise people always listen to their head. Rumours hold it that he sold his good name and conscience to the NDC for money. Nevertheless, his actions have pushed Ghana to the brink of chaos only waiting to be salvaged by the Supreme Court.

Why are some Ghanaians that much power drunk and overly corrupt? They believe in "Money is power" instead of "Knowledge is power". I will advise Ghanaians to endeavour to attain, and be very protective of their, good name, rather than always seeking great wealth at the expense of the collective interest of the citizenries.

Kwadwo Afari-Gyan by choosing wealth and power has gone a long way to cause his reputation an irreparable damage. The NDC by the alleged collusive agreement they entered into with Kwadwo Afari-Gyan to retain power to perpetuate corruption in Ghana has made matters worse. Although easier said than done, I will advise all Ghanaians to make it a duty to acquire, and protect their, good name, rather than chasing money illegally to the detriment of their reputation and the nation.

All activities of political and personal SAKAWA as prevalent and in perpetuation in Ghana must end with year 2012, and a new clean page devoid of stains opened in year 2013.

I wish all my readers and Ghanaians the world over a more Prosperous and a Happy New Year without revalidation of acts of official or personal corruption.

Rockson Adofo