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Opinions of Thursday, 28 January 2016

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Do Ghana Opposition Political Parties Care About Ghanaians and…

Really desire to wrestle power from the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) come election 2016?

From empirical observations, I am a bit doubtful about the readiness and sincerity of the other opposition parties, excluding New Patriotic Party (NPP) of course, to wrestling power from NDC to save Ghana from the diabolical economic hardships and country mismanagement visited upon Ghana by President Mahama and his bunch of clueless cum incompetent Government Ministers, party gurus and cronies.

Either the leaders of the various opposition parties are as clueless about the strategies of winning elections as NDC is clueless about managing the economy, or they simply cannot be bothered about rescuing Ghanaians from the satanic grips of President Mahama, the so-called youth born after Gold Coast gaining her political independence in 1956, hence a full-blooded Ghanaian.

Why am I raving and ranting, the reading public may wish to know? Why should I not rave and rant when with all the economic rot, blatant daylight plundering of the coffers of the nation by President Mahama and his government, open nauseating institutional tribalism and corruption seeping through the very fabric of Ghana politics, the opposition parties keep RAMIFYING instead of UNITING? Does this very attitude by the opposition parties show any seriousness on their part as parties or leaderships desirous of liberating Ghana and Ghanaians from the shackles of "Black on Black" slavery that President Mahama and NDC have bonded about 99% of Ghanaians?

What is ramifying by the way? Ramify is to divide or spread out into branches or branchlike parts; extend into subdivisions.

Are parties like PPP, PNC, CPP and the newly-formed APC (All People's Congress) by Mohammed Hassan Ayariga alias Ayaricough, be able to win general elections on their own to form a government to rule Ghana even for half a day? I am afraid not!

If such parties never stand one in chance in a million times to win elections on their own limping legs to rule Ghana, why should they not all merge with say, NPP, to chase the UNPRECEDENTEDLY CORRUPT NDC government out of power to bring smiles back on the faces of the currently suffering Ghanaians?

If the opposition parties are serious and do really care about the concerns of Ghanaians, and without wanting to prove themselves jokers and empty barrels making most noise, they SHOULD begin consultations to merge with NPP now!

There should not be the question of ideological blocks or reasons to hamper any desire of theirs to unite to chase out the NDC devils who are wickedly flaying Ghana alive. It is a time and season to unite as one viable opposition party resolutely determined to salvage Ghana from total economic annihilation under the hands of President Mahama and his NDC government.

Do any of the independent Presidential candidates honestly hope to win elections in Ghana to ascend to the nation's presidency? Instead of joining forces together to get rid of President Mahama, my younger brother Dr Abu Sakkara is going independent. Even in the CPP, he could not make any meaning advances or headway onto the presidency ladder, how can he do so as an independent candidate if he is not only tickling himself and laughing?

This reminds of the Akan adage which translates as, "When the rain was pouring heavily, your bucket could not be fully filled, now that it is only drizzling, how will the bucket be full?"

Unless people want their CVs to look good with a reference of having once contested for the presidency of Ghana, or formed a political party, I see their moves as a mere joke.

Let us see all the serious and meaningful opposition political parties and their leaders unite under the umbrella of the Great Elephant (NPP) to kick President Mahama and NDC out of power come election 2016.

I want to see action but not mere talk. You keep complaining about Ghana sinking under the weight of the disastrous official corruption masterminded and spearheaded by President Mahama and his government, yet you are doing nothing positive to indicate that you are ready to save the nation from total collapse.

Is having fragmented opposition parties going to the polls on 7th December 2016 your best solution of booting the ruling party out of power to save Ghana from her economic precipice or abyss? If that is your plan, then please, please, please, give me a break. Don't be jokers!!!!!

Rockson Adofo

(Written on Wednesday 27th January 2016)