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Opinions of Friday, 21 September 2018

Columnist: Dr Wolff Geisler

Do African leaders have any respect for Africans?

Today, my article carries a title I am directing to African leaders. Africa needs justice because Aids and Ebola weren’t caused by poverty but were man-made. I can boldly say that since you don’t care about Africans, it has given certain powers the authority to feel superior over Africans, leading to many crimes against the continent.

Adolf Hilter and the German government were involved in many horrible crimes against humanity, I have written everything in my books. I don’t say because I am a German doctor, I will protect or cover the crimes Germany committed, thus; I am expecting African leaders to do the same to show dignity to Africans.

Today, a lot of Nazi criminals have been arrested. Some are dead and others living have changed their names, yet the law hasn't stopped hunting for them.

Every health catastrophe or pandemic could easily spread to every part of this world, through terrorism when it falls into wrong hands. What happened on September 11, 2001, unexpectedly, should be a lesson to Americans and the media, to start unfolding the truth about the origins of Aids and Ebola and bring those responsible to face justice.

No one is above the law they say, but why has the media failed to bring those responsible for Aids and Ebola medical crimes in Africa to justice? Is it because it was planned against Africa? Is it because the World Health Organization and Center for Diseases Control are involved?

Is it because the Rockefeller Foundation is involved? Is it because Bill Gates is involved? Is it because Germany, Holland, Russia, France, and Belgium are involved? How long can world leaders and the media pretend they don’t know what is going on and remain silent?

The America Judiciary System and Justice Department are tainted and the media has lost its credibility, because of the truth over Aids and Ebola hid from the public.

The American Justice Department continue to put innocent people behind bars but failed to raise the issue of Aids and Ebola medical crimes, because America is involved. But do we call this true justice, when no one is above the law?

And why do they continue to force people to obey the law, when they have failed to perform their duties in truth and honesty?

Apart from being a medical doctor, I wrote "Aids, Origin, Spread, And Healing," but because I was in several African countries for many years and I witnessed a lot of medical crimes in the continent.

Belgium’s Scientist, Professor Guido Van der Groen, lied over the origins of Ebola, but ignorantly forgot that years back he granted an interview to ‘Humo’ one of Belgium’s news magazines and said that “America has developed Aids and Ebola viruses for biological warfare.

Another lost scientist that lied over the origins of Aids and Ebola is Dutch’s Ab Osterhaus. (The Swine-Flu profit maker.)

Above all, some faithful scientists have openly declared that Aids and Ebola are indeed medical crimes against mankind. With all these facts, truth and evidence emerging, we are now asking African leaders, the American Justice Department and the Media: What are they waiting for? Africa needs justice.