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Opinions of Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Columnist: Ayeboafo, Yaw Awuah Boadu

Disputed President Mahama has no shame

It seems disputed president Mahama has no shame or is fear stricken given the daily amount of glaring evidence of irregularities, malpractices, statutory violations and their own admission of substantial errors that influenced his declaration as president in last year’s elections at the Supreme Court.
Indeed, the evidence being presented and cross-examined largely questions the legitimacy of the Mahama’s presidency. No wonder he is fear stricken and continuously makes prejudicial statements. The least Ghanaians expect from him is to remain quiet and allows the court to independently deal with the petition.
Recently the presiding Judge of the Supreme Court called for circumspection regarding comments on the case. The NDC’s legal team communicator was singled out with a caution.
It’s worrying to note after the caution disputed president Mahama is quoted saying “…Our victory was won cleanly and fairly, and that justice will be served and cannot come to any other conclusion than acknowledging the very transparent, free and fair victory that we won at the elections and so I’d ask you while the Court case continues, to continue to strengthen the base of the party”.
Why is he in a haste to pre-judge the outcome of the petition which is in the sole hands of our Justices? Rather, he should be the last person to make public statements regarding the ultimate outcome of the petition if he bodes well for the future peace and stability of Ghana.
Ghanaians should be worried by such a categorical statement coming from the disputed president. Equally, the judges sitting on the case should be worried as the statement confidently demands “...that justice will be served and cannot come to any other conclusion…” only when his disputed election was legitimised by their ruling. Could the justices be influenced or intimidated by such a statement? Is the disputed president’s comment contemptuous of the court? And if so will the Supreme Court have the confidence or audacity, I haven’t said the court is timid, to bring the disputed president to order? Should Ghanaians believe that the outcome of the case is already cast in stone and mortar in favour of disputed president Mahama in spite of the evidence being shown if it’s determined as he’s predicted?
I suggest all peace loving Ghanaians, political parties, NGO’s, think tanks-the likes of the IEA, CDD, IMANI, National Peace Council, Catholic Bishops Conference, Association of Churches and The National Moslem Council should as a matter of urgency counsel disputed president Mahama to refrain from making public statements that seeks to predetermine the outcome of the non-going electoral petition at the supreme court. Such statements could have harmful and irreparable damage to the peace and stability of our dear nation as it could undermine the confidence of the people in the final ruling on the petition.

Yaw Awuah Boadu Ayeboafo,, Tepa-Ashanti