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Opinions of Friday, 16 February 2007

Columnist: Adumua, Sam

Disgraceful Immigration Officials at KIA

Disgraceful Immigration Officials At Kotoka International Airport And Post Office Staff At Accra General Post Office

Once again the forces of the dark ages, the agents of retrogression and enemies of civilization/development have compelled me to go to town in this winter regarding their behaviour towards hardworking Ghanaians abroad. I will appeal to each and everyone Ghanaian both home and abroad to share with us their experience in support of this articles for those enemies of civilization to realise that they are doing great disservice to mother Ghana.

I suppose each and every one of you will concur with me that when we travel abroad hardly do immigration officials dip their hands in our main luggage in search for common items like phones and perfumes, cameras etc since they are of no use to them.

Unlike this well groomed immigration officials abroad, the sikaman/Ghanaman immigration officials as well as post office staff have turn themselves into living vultures trying to devour what does not belong to them by hook or crook. I am finding it very thorny to empathize why immigration official should search peoples personal belongs when they arrive from the developed countries where security is normally assumed to be of outmost importance. I am not saying that people should not be search if there is suspicion of under dealings etc, but to subject over 200 passengers to that exercise in such a small airport just for personal gains is unacceptable. I believe we all know that whatever these immigration officials collects goes directly into their pockets where they operates a different system of governance called ‘CORRUPTION’.

In a similar vain, can someone tell me the reason why a mobile phone for personal use which cost less that 600000 thousand cedis must attract a custom duty in our general post office of over 600,000 cedis? How can we be so cruel as a nation? A custom duty on a common mobile phone for personal use? We are jokers @50. I sent a mobile phone charge to my relative back home and he was asked to pay 50000 cedis for that. Is this sensible at all? Over here in the UK the government does not take cheap duties on mobile phones whether it is coming from abroad or not, I am very disappointed in whoever brought this idea of custom duties on personal belongings. This started long ago when I was in middle school and normally receive bible preaching on cassette. I was amazed when the custom official asked me to pay for common gospel cassette; this is insanity to the highest level.

I suppose I am not the only one who have had such an experience with our immigration and custom officials, what I hate most about these things is that we Ghanaians have taken that to be the order of the day and no one seems to complain though deep down within our hearts we know it is not right. Fellow Ghanaians this is wrong, we only talk about our politicians and leave those rats to have a field day. They killed our pride the Ghana airways and they are still bent on killing other state institutions.

This is not a political issue, it is a canker, which is eating deep in our social fibre, we need to learn from our western partners and find better areas to apply custom duties/taxes and not on common mobile phones for private use.

Finally can someone tell me why the immigration officials do not search our luggages when leaving Ghana? Because they think there is nothing good in them, they will however shift the post when we return from abroad for their selfish gains. Let me worn all those corrupt immigration officials that, whatever they have gathered in the name of corruption will surely be consumed by fire. Yes they are the enemies of progress and agents of retrogression, shame on them.


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