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Opinions of Monday, 16 February 2015

Columnist: Anim-Mensah, Alexander

Discrimination and Narrow Mindedness Drives Corruption

Discrimination and narrow mindedness drives corruption! Discrimination could come from the basis of gender, age, color, tribe, partisan, name, looks, etc. and often tend not to promote equal opportunity to all citizens, limiting pools of potential candidates to only the lucky few. Discrimination has in many instances led to appointment and selection of wrong candidates who are deciding the fates of millions badly. An example of a discriminatory process is the requirements on the Ghanaian style resume specifying “date of birth, religion, place of birth, among others. This presents some opportunity for discrimination, biased-consideration as well as corruptness or biased. The facts that most of the jobs published has an age ranges often less than 30 years, most requiring second class upper grade and a male“ lead to questions likewhat should the assumed aged and with lower glass grade do?
Moreover, in a system whereby jobs created is no match for the growing number of graduates each year and even there is continually and gradually existing jobs lost by the effects of the energy crisis, inefficiencies and others. One may be tempted to do any of the following just to have a chance, considering the above mentioned circumstances; pay to someone in a position to pay to someone in control of the job, or bribe someone to make a new birth certificate, and/ or forge a new school certificate, etc. in the realm of this current hardship and the upsurge in the “whom you know” syndrome. This drives bribery, corruption, inefficiencies and others that may not promote a nation’s building.
Narrow mindedness like short-sightedness comes in many forms including limiting in scope, lack of encouragement for out -of - the box ideas or thinking, being biased, and closed-mindedness. Others are lack of exposure, lack of objectivity, facts, untruthfulness, considering mediocrity as a norm, promoting the “whom you know “syndrome, abusing office, and may only think of the piece of acquired certificate hanging on the wall as immunity to narrow mindedness. In a way, narrow mindedness could include thoughts of all things happening are beyond ones control as well as there are no causes and effects. In my view, one will not be corrupted or be a victim of corruption if one is not narrow minded. If one is not narrow minded, how can some acclaimed men of God sway several innocent and beautiful married and single women to be bathed at dawn in the sea in the name of God? Why should some acclaimed religious figures put unnecessary fear in people to make them overly submissive to take them victims? Don’t you know overly submissiveness dampens one spirit and egos? Does free practice of religion means anything is acceptable? Where does religion and the law meet? One need to read and seek the truth.
Narrow mindedness has, is, and will always fail the system if awareness are not drawn to prevent that. Why are all these Ghanaians problems persisting considering the numerous prophets and pastors we have? Is the numerous prophesies not gapping the missing link given these numerous acclaimed men of God? This means spirituality is not the only solution. Know that there are clear differences between the tares and wheat; and with your eyes opened through proper education and continuous self-education will one see the other side being unbiased. I believe the government need to have far reaching hands and device strategies to safeguard its citizens. I believe the law of the land is prime because whatever happens to citizen becomes the government’s responsibilities or burden directly or indirectly.
As black people we always cry as being discriminated by other races but within us we discriminate even the more on baseless, simple, and uncalled for events and situations. Note that the big problems existing today are fueled by clusters of previously small ignored problems because of failure to identify the magnitude as cluster than looking at them individually. Ghanaians as well as Africa do not microscopically take the time to dissect problems, because several of the problem are accepted as normal which provides a room for excuses not to tackle them or identify how they fuel the big problems. The above simple examples of the resume style and job posting are among some of the various unconscious situations which could drive people to make new birth certificates if possible make new transcripts to reflect the chance to be interviewed. Too much screening in this dry times in Ghana might prone actions to fuel discrimination on baseless grounds and some could be demeaning and demolishing to Ghanaian.
High unemployment rate or scarcity of jobs coupled with rigid, non-dynamic policies and abuse of office are among the underlying factors. In this case, since the government cannot generate more jobs; it should support private startups and small to medium scale businesses by given them survival incentives such as tax break, financial support, lower interest rates, grant them non-align partisanship and seriously punish to deter corrupt individuals. However, this cannot be done without at least constant supply of energy, water and good transportation and communication networks. Partisan is only a way of expressing different views but should not be used to tear the societal fabrics down.
Teaching the rights of Ghana’s as part of the educational curriculum starting at the primary level could rebuild some patriotism and confidence in Ghanaians, hence, provide empowerment. However, if Ghanaians have to stay in the dark and be used as ignorant objects for voting, then we need to pay the price with no complains. I believe the government is identifying some of these minute problems and their clusters, their potential causes and effects to device strategies to debunk them with the necessary policies, laws and education to safe guard the society. I believe Ghanaians needs to be empowered and educated to look at things differently or facilitate out-of-the box thinking processes. It is this way will the “pull him downs” be converted to contribute immensely to nation building.
The above are among some of the little things we have taken for granted in ages which has clustered to mount some of the current biggest challenges. Note that the current energy crisis did not just surfaced overnight but have shown signs over decades ago but the type of leadership, pressing issues, prioritizations, policies, planning, politics, greed, short-sightedness, lack of continuity, and narrow mindedness among others have fuel all these. Until a new way of thinking is supported the problems will continue to mount to work against progress.
God bless.

Alexander Anim-Mensah, PhD
Dayton, Ohio