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Opinions of Saturday, 31 October 2009

Columnist: Anonymous, J C

Disclosure And First Contanct

The question of whether we are alone in the universes of God is about to be answered once and for all. The truth is availing itself to majority of humans about the existence of our cosmic brothers and sisters. I mean Extraterrestrials (ETs) and UFOs. It’s like you hearing you have siblings elsewhere. It first begins as a rumor, then sort of a conspiracy theory, and then eventually the truth becomes apparent. One day Daddy boldly announces this to the family at the breakfast table, then another day he introduces these other siblings to the rest of the family; and you realize you’re one.

One big question remains to be answered. If we’re not alone why has the truth been kept from us and who is keeping the truth from us? Yes, ETs and UFOs are real. Take it or leave it. You have to have a very open mind, and do away with old belief systems. If you’re an extreme religionist, fundamentalist or dogmatic, EXIT! Don’t move on to paragraph three. The rest is not for the weak and feeble, but for those who possess the desire for the truth. For those who dare venture to read on, I say “congratulations, you’re a step closer to enlightenment.”

Our galaxy, the Milky Way has billions of star systems. One of such stars is our sun. Some of these billions of stars have planets revolving around them just like our sun. The Milky Way is about 100,000 light years across. One light year is the distance travelled by light in one year i.e. 186,000x60x60x24x365 miles. Further multiply by 1.6 if your preferred measurement is the kilometer. To assist in explaining to the lay person what the light year is, if two people, each with a cell phone are one light year apart, it would take one year for the second person to hear “hello” when the first one speaks. There are billions of galaxies, each with billions of star, some of which have planets and moons (and all teeming with intelligent life). So as you can see, the universe is infinitely extensive. Even with this analogy alone, and without any evidence of ET presence, it would be naïve to think that earth is the only planet capable of sustaining life. For those who want to see before believing, soon your curiosity will be satisfied. For now, accept the fact that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

You’re reading this article not by coincidence but because you’ve reached a crossroad in your search for the truth, and you’re destined to know this level of truth. Truth comes to us depending on our preparedness and openness. The universes of God have life forms out there, some of which visit our planet from time to time. Some of them live among us too! Today we’re learning something our pastors haven’t told us before, either due to ignorance on their part or to bury us deep in ignorance. And as they read this, they’d probably say “Oh my gosh, our industry is in jeopardy.” In fact their time has run out, a long time ago. Very soon people will realize.

What I intend to write about is what I hear “Daddy” is planning to tell “the rest of the family” about our other “siblings.” It’s called Disclosure. Some of us don’t need “Daddy” or Big Brother to tell us before we know it’s true. However, when this Disclosure is made by an important figure, the whole world would believe and the ET/UFO matter would become officially recognized. Mainstream folks and those of flock mentality would also get their dosage of the truth and reality, as many have doubted the truthfulness of this subject to date. We’re in the age of revealing and the truth is yearning to reach the hearts of men. It is however necessary to be aware of this imminent occurrence. This would aid in our mental preparation for what could follow. Very soon, (I mean before Christmas) the Obama administration (maybe) will make and official announcement on national television, broadcast on many major TV channels and in many countries, disclosing the reality and truth of the ET and UFO matter. I’m saying maybe because this intention to make this Disclosure is not welcome by “the owners of this earth,” the wicked cabal, or the powers that be (TPTB). They are not happy this is going to be made known to the rest of us the “non-entities.” And they will attempt to thwart this golden opportunity, which is going serve as the gateway to liberation from the shackles and grips of the dark forces and TPTB. I even hear that (maybe) some of “our siblings” will be introduced to us during this pending Disclosure. Some look just like us. They come from different star systems, light years away, for example the Pleiades, which is about 450 light years away. How they travel these vast distances is another subject matter altogether to be discussed later.

So what’s the big deal? ETs and UFOs are real, so what? The question of creation and our existence will come into sharp focus. Our religions and doctrines, sciences, history, geography, in fact everything we’ve known will come under scrutiny. Many other questions will be asked, and when those questions are asked, they’ll be answered. One thing will lead to another. Some answers will lead to knowledge and availability of abundant resources like free renewable energy and other technologies that could make life more harmonious for all of mankind. Other answers will lead us to our awakening and knowledge of our true destinies here on this planet earth. These ETs are loving and benevolent. They are here to help us in our Ascension process, already taking place. But at the same time, they do not intend to interfere and impose their will. They are very advanced both spiritually and technologically. They want peace to prevail here on earth. They are not gods, but our brother and sisters.

In a world of duality, there’s always the opposite, or opposing sides. There are other beings out there that are the enemies of the light. They are negative and dark and they have contacts with their accomplices here. These dark and negative beings, and their global minions (TPTB) are fighting for our souls, not to set us free but to send us deeper into slavery. All is set up in the New World Order (NWO) plan. These dark beings know they cannot stand the well-equipped, high tech. benevolent ETs. However, the dark ones and their cohorts here on earth will not surrender easily. They would like to put up some bluff first. They know their time is up. The technologies and equipment of the dark beings are nothing compared to those of the benevolent ETs. Most of these so-called alien abductions, vivisection and mutilation of cattle and other farm animals are known to be the works of the dark beings and their cohorts here on earth. All these have been planned a long time ago to discredit the benevolent ETs when Disclosure is made.

It is possible there could be First Contact and the benevolent ETs would make themselves known to us. There could be the ubiquitous display of benevolent ET spacecrafts. These spacecrafts are beautiful with gorgeous scintillating lights. One can definitely tell the difference between the benevolent ET spacecraft and those of the dark beings and their minions, as one would feel some love and comfort associated with the benevolent ET spacecrafts. The benevolent ET crafts have no seams or rivets.

To mask and confound the beauty and reality of the benevolent ETs, there could also be what I refer to as first contrast, which would probably be a display of the crafts from these dark being and their minions, to trick us and throw dust into our eyes. They have some of their crafts here on earth in certain underground bases. Some were made here, through reverse engineering of downed ET crafts. Remember the Roswell crash of 1947? It wasn’t a weather balloon as claimed by “Big Brother.”

In almost every movie related to Extraterrestrials, the ETs or UFOs have been framed to attack earth, like “independence day”. It’s all a ploy to get us into believing that ETs are here to attack us. If you know who controls Hollywood and the film industry, you’d understand. Early in November, ABC Network is airing a TV series called ‘V’. This series is being released ahead of the pending Disclosure later the same month, and we have to understand why the release of ‘V’ is so timely. In the same month, Hollywood’s “2012” opens in cinemas, featuring earthquakes, tsunamis, and meteorite impacts etc. I doubt all these November movie/series releases jumping the queue ahead of the planned Disclosure are a result of coincidence. Coincidences don’t exist, at least for me.

The truth about ETs is no news to some institutions and governments. The Vatican knows ETs are real, but they dare not mention this to you in church. That would lead to exposure of betrayal of the church doctrine. Most importantly, the money making- machinery, the greed, the power and control over the congregation (the real reason behind founding churches) would break down and disintegrate. Let me stay on course and not drift into another subject matter.

Back to First Contact! We just have to stay informed and be prepared for anything. Anything imaginable is possible. Let us imagine for a moment that an ET craft lands on your Independence Square or hovers in a populous area like ‘Circle ‘ or Rawlings’ Park. Most likely, people would be scared and run helter-skelter. Imagine further that as the door of this beautiful spacecraft opens, out comes one of your own earth siblings from your country, and who greets the panicking crowd and calms the pandemonium by speaking Ga or Twi or any of your local languages. Wouldn’t that make you feel at ease that there’s nothing to worry about these benevolent ETs if one of your own is traveling with the ETs in their spacecraft? Wouldn’t you then welcome the ETs with open arms? Allow nothing to stop your imagination; creativity rather!

Transitions are always rough and undesirable but it is the end result that should give us hopes to carry us through. As we journey through this Ascension or Dimensional Shift let us keep our focus on recreating a beautiful place on earth to live peacefully with one another. We will soon realize we’re one and that differences among tribes and races, leading to conflicts and wars are just illusions. We can coexist peacefully because we’re one. Now, our focus should be on unity rather than separation. We should think of replacing poverty with abundance, greed with altruism, and sicknesses and diseases with perfect health. We hold the solution to all our problems in our hands because we possess unlimited potential. We just have to realize it and harness it. Let’s all think BIG and POSITIVE! Our positive thoughts will collectively make a big difference in shaping our future the way we want it. Are we not co-creators?

The level of our success is limited only by our imagination. ~Aesop