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Opinions of Thursday, 27 August 2009

Columnist: Addo-Osafo, Afunya

Dimensional Shift and 2012

We as a human race are living in a critical time of our history. Strange phenomena are ushering the whole of creation through a transitional period. Famine, drought, wars, rumors of war, climate change, and earthquakes have become rampant. Lies, hypocrisy, denials, deceit, fear mongering, suffering, and scarcity of resources, are on the rise. All these are precursors to the change we are about to experience. In fact we are already in the process of change. This change is staring at us from the horizon, right now. It may seem apparent that there is no hope for humanity but there is hope. Mother Earth, Gaia, is going through a birthing process and a new earth is in the making. With that comes some pain and torment but when it’s all over there will be smiles and joy.

In a dimensional shift, our vibrations get a boost to a higher frequency, similar to what happens to electrons within an atom, causing them to make quantum jumps from a lower energy level to a higher one. The Dimensional shift will transmute us from human humans to divine humans and linear flow of time will give way to multidimensional reality. We are going through a dimensional shift – from our present third dimension - to fourth and fifth and maybe higher dimensions for others.

The ancient Mayans, Aztecs, Shaman and many other ancient cultures have spoken of this period. We are going through this process, which is already well scripted and rehearsed throughout the entire universe. There is not much time left. We have up till December 21, 2012 to go through this transition. The year 2012 is one of special importance in this dimensional shift process since it represents the ending date of a unique system for counting time devised by the ancient Mayans. It will begin the dawn of a new era where Time and Space will disappear. This date marks the end of a Great Year (which is 25,920 years, and comprises 12 Ages of the Zodiac, each lasting 2,160 years) and the beginning of another Great Year. It also marks the transition from the last Age (Age of Pisces) of this Great Year to the first Age (Age of Aquarius) of the new Great Year we are now moving into. Those familiar with Astrology will know what I’m referring to. So when we project backwards, the Piscean Age began a few years prior to the time of Jesus’ birth. The sign of Aquarius is a man holding a pitcher of water. Some sources say that’s probably what Jesus was referring to in Luke 22:10 and Mark 14:13. If this is true, then in reality, Jesus announced the coming Age of Aquarius, and for that matter this Dimensional Shift. The Bible is full of astro-mythological motifs.

The climate change we are experiencing right now on earth is actually going on on every planet in our solar system. Though pollution and other environmental degrading agents may be contributing factors, the principal factor is the fact that we are moving into (we’re in it already) a zone of photon energy called Photon Belt. This Photon Belt has a profound influence on our consciousness. Almost everyone would agree that time seems to be speeding up. It doesn’t take long for the year to come to an end. This is due to the photon belt we’re in, and partly due to the increase in the natural frequency of the earth called Schumann Resonance. The Schumann Resonance used to be at a steady ‘normal’ frequency of 7.8 Hz but has been increasing steadily in recent times, and now approaching 13 Hz. The increasing frequency is also speeding up time. A few years back we noticed we had all the time in the world. Now, we barely get time to do what we intend doing in the day. In the meantime the magnitude of the earth’s magnetism is gradually waning. All these have effects on our consciousness.

One other prevalent thing which most people experience but do not attach any importance to it is synchronicity. You think of a friend and the next moment (s)he calls you, sends you an e-mail, a text message or knocks on your door. Our psychic and telepathic abilities are developing. You may have observed that sometimes in a conversation with an acquaintance (s)he bring forth ideas or points that you’re planning to share, and vice versa. This is what I believe is happening: We’re gradually beginning to communicate telepathically. Our thoughts are like radio waves. So our thoughts are not private! One day, and hopefully soon, we’ll put down our cell phones and this telepathic communication will become the order of the day.

The shift in consciousness is akin to moving from primary school to college. All the paradigms of primary school cease to work and there’s a transition period during which the process of doing away with older paradigms and picking on newer ones occurs. Everything seems not to be working right now because we’re in a transition, ushering into a higher dimension with its own rules and paradigms. So our financial system is collapsing, our monetary system is in jeopardy, chaos here, and disaster there. We don’t need to look harder to realize that we’re living in the transition period right now.

The speed of light, thought to be the ultimate speed, is only true in our third dimension. We will soon realize this after we go through the dimensional shift and graduate to higher dimensions. Once again, different dimensions have their own paradigms. And as we fully go through this shift, we’ll be able to gain full consciousness of whom we are and what our missions are. We’ll learn new ways of doing things that we’ve never imagined possible. Very reliable information indicates that telekinesis, teleportation, levitation, instant healing, manifesting objects out of thin air, time travel etc. will become as common as breathing as we fully emerge out of this Dimensional Shift. All indications point to December 21, 2012 as the culmination point around which these qualities could be achieved. We all have to be ready and aware if we all have to make it.

The technology for a newer, infinitely abundant, renewable, free energy source that does not cause environmental pollution will become available. Dedicated men of God are working tirelessly on behalf of humanity and for a better life for all. Some are writing books and embarking on research to bring the truth to the world. Others are researching into alternate energy sources to end our dependency on fossil fuel. Yes, there are men of God from all walks of life, from every culture, from every profession. They’re people like you and I; they watch soccer, use blackberries, use make-ups, wear jeans, and drive flash cars. They may be our neighbors living on the same street, but silently like the stars, they carry out their missions.

But the future depends on us. We will create our own realities because we are co-creators. We create our own future. As we approach 2012, we need to be loving and compassionate. We need to have positive thoughts, not for ourselves alone but for everyone, humanity, Mother Earth and the entire galaxies. We want a world of no sicknesses and diseases. We want peace, love, free energy, fairness, and happiness. And as we program these in our minds, we’re helping bring them into manifestation. So if mankind collectively focuses on the creation of all these goodies, they will surely manifest.

Nothing comes without opposition. We live in a world of duality. The peace and tranquility for all humanity and creation is not welcome by a group of entities or ’the powers that be’, who have suppressed the majority of humans throughout our history. To them, freedom for all is a taboo and they will do everything to keep us down and oppressed because that is when they feel important. So there is a kind of war, and it’s a psychic one. The weapon of our enemy is to put fear into us. That is the energy they need from us in order to defeat us. It is therefore important to be aware of these powers, their minions and their clandestine activities that have tremendous negative effects on us. We need to have full knowledge of who we are and our capabilities as well as the intentions of our enemy. This will enable us take stands, become fully prepared and put up a good fight psychically.

But we’re not alone in the struggle. Extraterrestrials, Galactic Federation of Light, Guardians etc. are watching and are on our side. And let me mention here that we’re not alone in the cosmos, we’ve never been alone and we shall not be alone. Extraterrestrial visitations have been recorded throughout history and it comprises the foundations and origins of ancient mythology and religions. You’ll find accounts in the Bible too. And it might surprise many that these visitations (and collaboration) still go on. Governments of certain countries are in close contact with these visitors, directly or indirectly. Now, breaking this long kept secret to mankind becomes a revolutionary or rebellious act. It could cause our orthodox religious structures to break down and this could have social implications, emotional chaos, hysteria, paranoia, and disappointments, even suicides. But I believe it’s high time the truth came out. I think we have to be bold and face the truth. We have to do away with the training wheels and learn to become full-fledged cyclists. We have to boldly wean ourselves from the ‘kindergarten’ or Sunday school paradigm of God, creation, life and our history as we prepare to move to higher dimensions and higher states of consciousness. We’re in the age of revealing, and the truth must be revealed. Let us brace ourselves, open our minds, remove the filters (religion, culture, dogma, prejudice, etc.) from our eyes and embrace the truth in its splendid colors and beauty. We’ll be free and happy. And remember, the truth shall set us free but first it will piss us off.

The author of this article is a freethinker and truth seeker.

Afunya Addo-Osafo