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Opinions of Sunday, 18 November 2012

Columnist: Nuhu, Kashaa

Mensah Otabl Is A Man Of God.

Dr. Mensah Otabil (pastor) has over the month taken a center stage and deeply rooted in the political arena of the 2012 general elections based on his “spliced tape” put together for political expediency. It is a known fact to people who followed and listen to Otabil as a pastor, whose sermon is entitled THE LIVING WORD, as a high reputation man. Living word to my simple understanding is truth. Truth stands, remains, unshaken and unconquered no matter the time, whether real, implied or a specific time. It could be an epoch in history, a century, a decade, year or today, truth does not change.

The International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) issued a statement indicating the sound bites which were all over the media and other political propaganda vans were “sliced together” and that; they were sermons over “six or more years ago” but did not deny them. To me, the time and arrangement of those sound bites are inconsequential since they still represent the living word. Am tempted to believe the ICGC has no intention of meddling in the politics of Ghana, since the congregation cast across the political divide.

On the contrary, the ICGC is currently the topic of discussion in the Ghanaian political arena. The statement issued to clear the air by the Church seems not to be credible enough by the “sound bites maker” himself and has to bound into the stage to clear the debris. Dr. Otabil in his setting the record straight end up attracting serious bashing from a sector of the Ghanaian populace including mass resignation from his Church. The Head pastor’s remarks seem to be vulgar, causing his own Church members to question Dr. Mensah Otabils integrity as a “Man of God”. This I find very ridiculous to say the least.

Undoubtedly, unlike other Men of God, I have no reservation whatsoever by the integrity of Dr. Otabil as a pastor in this country. This is a pastor most revered by many and has made several statements cutting across Science, philosophy, morality, Social, Economic and many more. Such statements include ”Sicentist don’t manufacture knowledge, they discover knowledge, “No matter how imprisoned you are, nobody can imprisoned your power of imagination” and others. These pronouncements represent the TRUTH and are the TRUTH no matter what? People’s life and life-style are almost always a reflection of the gospel that is preached out by our religious leaders. Pastor Otabil is a reputable MAN OF GOD despites comments he made which I found disgusting in his addressing the press, yet bundled him within the realm of mortal men. ”Man” is fallible except the Super-human and the Almighty GOD and therefore pardoned mortal Dr. Otabil for referring to people as “evil, marauders, and the likes. We all in one way or the other get retaliatory molestations for been frail in some ways. Pastor Mensah Otabil has been vilified so much by some sections of Ghanaians by the actions of politicians and their cronies and must be put to an end immediately.

Pressure from politicians made the Man of God referred to some people as “evil” in trying to show his abhorrence to a speech according to him taken out of context. The same politicians are raining insults on this honored Pastor for the use of unpleasant words on them. Let no one call the bluff to make derogatory remarks that will be inimical to this religious leader of class. The acidic mouth of Tony Aiddoo and acerbic language from the Ghanaian populace including members of the ruling NDC who worship with the ICGC must stop the blasphemy before they incur the wrath of God.

Dr. Otabil I agreed has guff just as anyone, but this does not invite callous and abusive estrangement description on his veracity by alienating the religious doctrines, knowledge and anointing from the Pastor. He has been over the years gave sermons which penetrate into the future and more others which can suite the political situation in the country but they (Politicians) chose to put that at the periphery and focused on issues bordering Ghana. We must remember he is the same Otabil who over the time was admired for his sanity and pronouncements and what prevents Ghanaians from according him what he deserves for a simple mistake made?.

Has anyone in the world accepted piety in the guise of morality? Or any one taking pious stands by their own sense of judgment? Is it possible to see people with high sense of divinity by social status? It is always religion which is implanted with piety and wisdom. Leaders who are touched or call by God take charge to interpret the message of God to mankind and must be venerated as such with prudence of their fallibility. Imperfect “Man” must not always point finger of scorn at his fellow especially our religious leaders.

Dr. Pastor Mensah Otabil is still and will remain an admired MAN OF GOD to preach the gospel of THE LIVING WORD.

By Kashaa Nuhu