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Opinions of Saturday, 14 January 2012

Columnist: Nweanah, Francis Eduku

Detriment to state on WASSSCE interpretations...

Education has been the spine of our nation’s development, through
socialization, by means of creating awareness in uneducated persons,
exploitation in the id, ego, and super egoism, which framework democracy in
terms of civility, dynamism and justification, and also acquisition of skills,
all embraced in systematic approach to the tertiary level. Deprivations or
diversions to such opportunities devastate the welfare of our nation and
individuals at large. Everybody can bear with me or by statistics that,
most candidates who enter into tertiary institutions or related; with lower
grades, sometimes, astoundingly, performs, better than those with higher ones.
It is real and 100% true, and that if statistics is to be correlated, it can
be ascertained that, most students who scores aggregate 6 into secondary school
or tertiary institutions declines to 15 or lesser and vice versa. This might
be outstanding to the one time assessment by WAEC,
which does not favour students at the countenance of illness, but paves way for the
“ aphor “. This also contradicts with Pavlov’s law of learning, which constitutes,
continual participation, concentration, understanding, and repetition, since the
candidates have to wait for some time and re-write. Assessments should be of 65%
Cumulative and 35% exams with vigilance and security in the accumulation.
With the above delineate, being partial in recruitment, as being elucidated in the
WASSCE – SSCE, is tantamount to setting a trap to ensnare one’s own sel