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Opinions of Sunday, 30 July 2017

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi

Deny NDC members free SHS – It’s a financial loss to the state

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It is quite belabouring to hear the most ignorant in society, and most insensible, fight an initiative that would undoubtedly improve their lives.

Such improvement can certainly build their faculties in order that they make an honourable meaning of their lives.

When I muse over the many instances of untoward gestures, utterances, and behaviour like that exhibited by the honourable ignorami of the NDC party of gross insensitivity, it becomes all the more clear that those destined to nothingness are goaded to join the umbrella party.

How scandalised would you feel if you saw an elderly person in a three piece suit standing in the rain, boastfully seeking shelter under a ripped and perforated umbrella? Such a situation would inform you of two possibilities: either the person is out of his mind or a joker cum smoker, the latter being exactly the case with the rather unfortunate lot of this most vexatious party, the NDC.

John Dramani Mahama, the fizzled former President, had raised the cost of education to unbearable levels. In fact, so exorbitant had school fees become that many people withdrew their wards. Food under the school feeding programme during his stewardship became an alarming mass of malnutrition, adding to the health woes of children. Grass roots people were choking over the hike in school fees. They became more cantankerous as life under his government broke their backs.

Today, NDC laymen and women are kicking against FREE SHS. Is that not a dilemma? For how long is this nation going to grapple with the shame of uselessness and acute lack of knowledge as displayed by members of this party at all echelons? We have to progress, but when the same blockheads who failed miserably in governance and plunged our country into an abyss of shame find reason to remain ignorant, then all we have to do is to leave them to shine our shoes while we forge ahead. Let’s adopt the term, “NDC Shoe Shine Apologists”

I wish to address these blinded “shoe shine apologists”. I wish to tell them that the only reason why their leaders are kicking against the FREE SHS is because when they are able to go to school and learn something better to uplift their lives, the veil that has shrouded their vision and faculty for such a long disturbing period of time will eventually vanish. Then they will seek to apostatise and be born again. They will cross over to the NPP in droves, because it will become crystal clear to them that there is a charm of evil in the NDC that restrains them from regaining consciousness.

Free SHS is coming. Let this government be guided by the necessary evil that all those who are kicking against it must never be allowed to avail themselves of such a glorious opportunity.

They must pay their wards’ fees and wallow in the misery of opposition. Ghana’s resources are for nation builders not wreckers. Any money spent on treasonable persons constitutes a financial loss to the State, and as such is problematic. Reprobates must be made redundant to save our collective existence, much like the suppression of HIV by retrovirals.

Other than shining shoes, these NDC sinners must be sent to farms and supported with the necessary equipment and chemicals to produce food and earn a decent living. Ooops, hold on to the chemicals, lest they think it is some form of akpeteshie. Such ignorant louts, especially their parliamentarians!