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Opinions of Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Columnist: Daily Guide

Democracy under siege

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Ghana woke up to a rather disturbing political development, an unusual affront to democracy.

Armed men clad in military uniforms raided the headquarters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and its Kokomlemle office, making away with important documents including hard drives, the contents of which are yet to be disclosed.

It was an interesting political episode choreographed as though intended for a thriller. By the time its effects were quantified, the potholes on our political map, cherishers of our democracy and think-tanks working tirelessly to sustain and deepen civility in governance were left gasping for breath, having been jolted by the sheer weirdness of the action.

Those who crafted it unfortunately, lacked the sophistication which such dirty operations need to befuddle observers. Even simpletons could not fail to spot the many shortcomings in the operation. With some of the hoodlums having their covers blown, those who engaged them to partner the security operatives did such a poor job of it they could be queried.

By the time it was done, the telltale marks of the hands of insiders with the tacit and welcoming support of those who can do anything, including breaching the laws of the land to embarrass and put their opponents on the spotlight, were discernible.

If that is the notch the country has reached in its downward spiral, it is disappointing and regrettable. History is replete with the negative outcome of those who with absolute power at their disposal manipulated it this way.

The manner in which the operation was executed at the wee hours of the night scared those who still remember the dark days of the country when state-sponsored armed men could descend upon families and whisk away breadwinners, some of them never to be seen again.

Those who are unable to recall those days but have read wide enough to remember the days of Gestapo operations under the Third Reich under Adolf Hitler, this is an apt replication except that in the issue under review nobody was killed.

It is an understatement to state that those at the helm could even do more nasty operation than witnessed at the NPP headquarters last Monday.

It is a major blemish on our democracy – one which is suggestive about the possibility that when it suits them officialdom can trample upon the liberties of the citizens with such reckless abandon.

So who was behind it all? Who authorised the use of military uniform by persons who should not don these garments?

In whose interest would such an operation intended to divert the attention of Ghanaians away from the burning issues of the day serve? Who within the NPP fraternity is or are behind the operation and patting each other on the back for a job executed?

Answers to the foregone are enough to lay out what the NPP has suffered these past few months and in effect, democracy.