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Opinions of Saturday, 3 January 2009

Columnist: Ayisi, Gabriel A.

Demerits of Ghanaian Politics - The change we need

The following is the nature of Ghanaian politics. It is detrimental and counter-productive and we demand CHANGE:

Selfish leadership

Our politicians are in politics because of personal interests and not that of the nation. Apart from Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the author has not encountered a single selfless leader for the country. Our politicians must put national interests first instead of their selfish personal interests. They fight and kill to get elected because they know that once they are elected their lives are set for ever. In Ghana politicians develop faster, economically, than the national economy. The individual development of most of our politicians in terms if material acquisition is about 1000% annually as against a national growth rate of 6%.

Visionless Politics.

Our politicians lack bold visions to lead in the development of the economy. They are quick to accept the status quo. We need to develop bold plans for the development of the economy and execute them faithfully in a transparent manner for all to see. Just look at what is happening in the United Arab Emirates.

The winner takes all mentality is not helping the nation. Include think-tanks from all sectors of the economy and the political divide to assist in the nation’s development.

Politics of exclusion

Politics of divisiveness

Politics of disunity

Politics of tribalism/Tribal politics (All parties guilty, particularly the NPP and NDC parties)

Politics of thievery (stop the emptying of the national coffers through massive corruption, embezzlement, etc.)

Politics of open corruption

Politics of collusion

Politics of Kickbacks

Politics of diversion of national resources

Politics for the benefits of a few

Politics of non-accountability

Politics of irresponsibility

Politics of arrogance. Politicians must accept that they are the SERVANTS of the people and not LORDS over them. Our politicians must Drop the Honorable salutation and conduct themselves in HUMILITY. They should also stop the display of opulence/ wealth in mockery of the poor and masses who elected them, the reinstatement of Dr. Richard Anane, acceding defeat in elections humbly, etc.

Politics of unequal development/Politics of inequity (We need equity in our national development)

Politics of discrimination

Politics of injustice

Politics of bias

Politics of neglect (neglecting the needs of the masses – some towns and villages have not seen a single development in our 50 years of survival as a nation.)

Politics of vengeance

Politics of grudge

Politics of fear

Politics of intimidation

Politics of acrimony

Politics of innate hostility

Politics of bad feeling/blood

Politics of envy and hatred (Your political opponent/rival is not your avowed enemy)

Politics of waste (human and material resources)

Politics of backwardness (substandard project execution)

Politics of deconstruction/destruction – unwarranted cessation of viable projects by previous governments

We need to stamp out corruption. Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) should be independent of government so that the investigation and the prosecution of criminals are not seen as politically motivated. We should make sure its composition is not partisan-based and allow the members to survive changes in government to avoid bias, intimidation and favoritism. BNI should be able to prosecute anyone and everyone, irrespective of the person’s political or social standing, so long as they run afoul of the laws of the land. BNI should investigate all credible allegations. Investigating someone does not mean indictment. If allegations are not proven, the person goes scot-free.

Where a solution to a national problem calls for bi-partisan or multi-partisan approaches, we should not be afraid to do so. We need politics of selflessness with a national objective. This is what we require of our politicians and the political parties. We need politics of national unity. We need politics that will lead to progressive, incremental, accelerated and sustained development for all. We need politics that have the future of the nation and all our children at heart. Readers are welcomed to add their own observations to th the author’s list.

Dr. Gabriel A. Ayisi, New York City
Honorary Chairman: Business Advisory Council for Economic Stimulus – USA Author: Higher Education Centered Economic Development and Growth – Ghana as Case Study, ISBN: 1-4392-1351-8.