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Opinions of Thursday, 6 December 2012

Columnist: Stonash & Opoku Ware

December 7th; If You See Something, Say Something!

On the day of the elections, do not assume that anything is mistakenly or accidently done at the polling stations and/or its surroundings – NO – if you see something; say something!

Election is like a double edged sword, it turns into war when not play with caution.

In truth, the destabilization of peace on the African continent with most war-torn countries basically stems from the overzealous want for political power through electoral malpractices – thus causing political, economic, social, environmental cataclysm among others. The likes of countries like Somalia, Chad, DR Congo, ‘recovering’ Liberia and Kenya among others are exact epitome of how turbulent an election could be.

It is in the tenor of forestalling contingencies like these that the electoral commission with the Inter Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) and other stakeholders consistently deliberated on to how to safeguard our electoral processes. It is also in the spirit of electoral peace and stability that the opposition parties proposed and pushed forward biometric registration, and its verification.

But the outmost onus to ensure a peaceful elections and stable nation aftermath of the elections lies in the hands of the average Ghanaian – and that is you and I.

Whiles one had expected the EC to be beyond reproach, or better still, be like Caesar’s wife (beyond suspicion), contrary, the integrity of the Electoral Commission has been brought into disrupt, with garbage of corrupt allegations leveled against its key officials. This is very pathetic to say the least.

The security personnel entrusted with the peace of this country – especially during an electioneering period – have been exhibiting canteen culture in tandem with their work. The biometric registration was bedeviled with many unfortunate events that went by without the law taking its course

And what so dangerous and appalling is the revelation from Yaw Boateng Gyan’s secret tape that suggests that, the security forces – and for that matter the National Security outfit – has been infiltrated by persons who bear allegiance to the NDC. Now, how do we identify Yaw Boateng Gyan’s security personnel and genuine employed ones in this election? This is indeed very alarming.

With the untoward hardship, deepening poverty, growing unemployment among the youth. While government officials and their cronies ‘massacre’ the nation’s kitty and engaged in ostentatious lifestyle, the average Ghanaian cannot but call for change – a change they can believe in. For the litters of broken promises from onetime premium payment of NHIS, through to finding the Ya-Na killers to the ‘drastic’ reduction of petroleum prices among others like gargantuan corruption scandals (Woyomegate), it’s very clear that “change” is coming.

Indeed, the NDC has been fiddling while Ghana is burning with hardship; yet, they are poised to maintaining political power – two outlooks that run parallel to each other.

Don’t forget about some of the crude communist tactics that were employed by the NDC in the 2008 elections. Some of these tactics included; the chewing of gum and wearing particular wrist bands for easy identification by compromised temporary EC officials at the polling stations, who in turn, tore a multiple of ballot papers for the identified voter etc.

It is therefore bestowed on the opposition parties, especially the NPP, to watch out for Mephistophelian tactics likely to be engaged by the NDC to supplant the voices of the masses calling for change. Oh, and at least, that will also save us another precious time for writing another episode of the ‘stolen verdict’.

The ballot box should be safeguard like the tabernacle of ancient Israel.

We seek electoral results that will be devoid of questions and doubts, figure doctoring and juxtapositions. Results that will uphold the voices of Ghanaians in high esteem, and represent the yearning change the people hanker. We seek results that will unify the entire nations for peace and development after 2012.

The electoral commission and the security will fail to organize a free, fair, and peaceful election if you and I as average citizens condone, engage and enshroud perilous electoral malpractices; activities that have the tendency to plunge our beloved nation into ataxia.

Let not your mandate be stolen, we must police the ballot box! Therefore, in the spirit of upholding the mass call for change, and on the day of the elections, do not assume that anything is mistakenly or accidently done at the polling station and its surroundings – NO – if you see something; say something!!!

Vote Nana Akufo-Addo to help transform and move Ghana forward!!!

Amponsah Stonash & Opoku Ware (Konongo Kaya, Washington D.C.)

NPP Communications Directorate

New York.