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Opinions of Thursday, 30 June 2016

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

President Mahama’s “lacoste” campaign t-shirts can’t fool Ghanaians!

It is said, “Respect is earned but not commanded”. Similarly, President Mahama having performed viciously abysmally all these years, can’t at one stroke of the brush be assured of successfully buying the minds and votes of Ghanaians through dishing out to them free Lacoste campaign t-shirts.

President Mahama is understandably churning out one million Lacoste t-shirts with intent to distributing them among Ghanaian voters. Inwardly, his ulterior motive behind such an undertaking is to strengthen his belief of taking the recipients (Ghanaians) for big time fools who wobble around with short memory hence are always ready to forgive him for his incompetence and committed acts of corruption, while outwardly trying to woo their hearts, minds and souls to vote him for a second term in office.

Yes, “Lacoste” is a world-class mark. Almost every Ghanaian may want to wear trendy clothes, especially all those who have been tormented by the intentional poverty created by President Mahama and his government through their purposeful corruption. Yes, many a Ghanaian would love to possess a free “Lacoste” t-shirt, however, does it worth the binding duty that comes along with accepting such a free offer?

Anyone who accepts it is indirectly compelled to vote President Mahama and his NDC government for a second term in office. With all the insecurities of incessant power outages (“dumsor”) destroying your electrical appliances, forcing you to sleep in darkness, giving rise to armed robberies and causing industries to fold up at the rate never witnessed in the history of Ghana before, is it worth accepting a t-shirt in exchange for your most precious life-changing vote?

With the joblessness staring Ghanaians in the face, the thievery hikes in utility bills, especially electricity, using “Usain Bolt” meters, is it worth sacrificing your vote for a one-off “Lacoste” t-shirt on such a cheap electioneering altar?

Oh no, Ghanaians are much better than that. They will not be bought over by any demeaning-intent gift.

For how long will one wear the t-shirt in spite of its acclaimed fashionable quality? Does it worth the suffering you will have to cope with for many more years to come simply for negligently accepting the t-shirt? Will the savings you can make on utility bills for two or three months maximum, if the bills were drastically reduced by a more competent and incorruptible government led by Nana Akufo Addo, not be able to purchase you a “Lacoste” or another more trendy t-shirt?

“Once bitten, twice shy”. Please fellow Ghanaians, bear that in mind. President Mahama and his cronies do not respect you one bit so do not allow them to bait you with t-shirts for your votes. You are yourselves witnesses to how he speaks to you, very disrespectfully of course.

Has he not said he will not listen to anyone who has never been a President of Ghana before? Has he not cynically insulted you by saying that you have “a short memory?” What else do you want him to tell you before understanding that he has a total disregard for not only your views but also, your welfare?

When one is elected the President of a country, one has the duty of care towards the citizens by managing the wealth of the country sensibly for the collective benefit of the entire citizens. When one becomes the President, one has not the right to manage the country’s resources anyhow, let alone, very irresponsibly or mismanaging them, as though the resources were their personal fortune or property that they could do what they want when they want with them as it is now the belief of President Mahama.

Please my Ghanaian compatriots, do not allow President Mahama to continue to fool you with “Lacoste” t-shirts. Vote him out for a better future for yourselves and your children. If you do as I have requested of you, posterity will speak well of you and judge you rightly.

The sensible action you take today will go a long way to save Ghana from the annihilation engendered by the corruption in orchestration by President Mahama and his NDC government.


Rockson Adofo