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Opinions of Thursday, 6 August 2020

Columnist: Bryan Fletcehger

An open letter to the Christian Council of Ghana

File photo: Christian Council of Ghana Head Office File photo: Christian Council of Ghana Head Office

In our history, when did Ghanaians witness the military at the voter’s registration centers? Where are the police? Did we hear the President say, he is hibernating, so he did not hear all that is on-going at the registration centers across the country?

What is the purpose of the challenge form provided by the EC at the registration centres?

Are Togolese issued national ID cards and they went back to Togo, to come back to register for Ghana’s voters’ card?

The deployment of the military was defended to stop the COVID-19 infected persons from entering Ghana from Togo.

COVID-19 record 08/05/2020 at 9:08pm

Togo - 998 and 19 deaths

Ghana - 39,075 and 199 deaths

With the above statistics, should Ghana send military to Volta region to prevent entry of COVID-19 into the country.

Would Togolese ever cross the border to participate in Ghana’s election? Togolese don't have the brain, but they have an abundant time at their disposal, and they will leave their businesses, farm, work, children, wives and husbands, cross the border en-masse and come to participate in Ghana's election process, for what rewards? Did Ghanaians ever cross the border to participate in Togo or any neighboring country election process? Are Togolese uneducated to know it is illegal to perform such un-civic duty? Are Togolese not even more disciplined than Ghanaians? Only a lunatic will believe this cock and bull allegation.

Even every child on the street knows the direction the country is headed, and when you have kept mute and a concerned party complained, you are following the ruling party and targeting that party as "using tribalism to score political points". Ahhh ... is there God?

Africa is not moving forward because we see each other as different when we are all having the same black skin, the Whites do not discriminate among themselves, but against other people. Until we recognize that we are all Africans, nothing is going to change. God will always bless those who are honest in their heart. God Bless Africa.