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Opinions of Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Columnist: Dale-Asiedu, Michael

Danquah was right-“vampire politicians”

‘’Where you make the pay of ministers too attractive, you tempt all sorts of vain pretenders and charlatans to turn politics as a service into a profession of money making’, Dr. J.B. Danquah.

This assertion is true and rightly so as it dissects in an unequivocal manner the poignant happenings in both our two main political parties here in Ghana, the NDC and NPP, from Former President Kufuor’s ex-gratia saga to huge legislator bonuses, the evidence are made bare.

The rather flamboyant and ostentatious cum profligate lifestyles most of our politicians demonstrate day in day out is mind boggling to say to the least. This is a country that spends a staggering 60.9% of its entire national revenue on public sector salaries alone.

The leaked tape of Victoria Hammah gives more credence to the kind of politicians manning our country and the kind of future politicians they might nurture. Where and when you can fathom the notion of amassing fortunes up to the tune of USD$1000000 before you back out of politics is very catastrophic and should be dealt and treated with all the seriousness it beckons. It is not only a palpable acrimony but a reality, the fact that she had the gait and guts to figure that out means people are doing it, otherwise where from her inspiration? Can we as a citizenry be made enlightened on how much she has made so far? Likening this leaked tape to that of earlier leaked tapes of the main opposition party by some ruling party functionaries will do no good. This is a serious canker needed to be wrestled to death head on for heaven’s sake; firing her swiftly and subsequently reducing tariffs on Sunday should never divert our attention on the matter at stake. This fatal and suicidal tape cannot be trivialized and reduced to an ordinary joke just like that; there is more to it than meets the eye.

Let us hold tight to the realities of politics and leave fancy dress alone. Let us go forward with our stern and grim determination but at the same time let us watch the party in power closely for the role of the citizenry does not end after elections, it transcends beyond that, the ordinary taxpayer wails every now and then when “vampire politicians” rise into the corridors of power. To be able to look up to your national flag boldly and chest out without fear and shame, without head cast down is the mark of a true politician. That you had the chance to contribute your quota to your nation’s developmental surge and you never exploited it for crass parochial gains is the hallmark every public servant must yearn for. It is for you to defend your country with all your might and integrity, that is why you were called to office that is what true politics means, not the one we are experiencing and fellow citizens we must continue to be awake and not be asleep. Ghana deserves better! Michael Dale-Asiedu,