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Opinions of Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Columnist: Baba Osman Daney

Dagbon is the new hope of NPP in Northern Region

Had it not been because of the sterling performance of NPP Parliamentary candidates in Dagbon constituencies, the party would have lost its current slim majority in parliament.

The party has been growing from strength to strength in Dagbon since the beginning of the fourth republic and this growth is expected to continue unabated if the party continues to play its cards well towards Dagbon.

NPP currently occupies seven (7) of the thirteen (13) Parliamentary seats in Dagbon making NPP the majority party in Dagbon.

Starting from 2004 where the party had only two Parliamentary seats, that was Gushegu and Yendi, it maintained its two seats in the 2008 elections, but this time around, it was Zabzugu and Nanton. In 2012, the party increased its Parliamentary seats to 3 (Yendi, Zabzugu and Tolon). The party again grew its Parliamentary seats to 5 in 2016 (Yendi, Nanton, Tolon, Gushegu and Savelugu) and in the just ended 2020 elections, the party grew its strength further from from 5 to 7 Parliamentary seats (Karaga, Mion, Yendi, Zabzugu, Gushegu, Tolon and Nanton) making it the majority party in Dagbon whiles the results declared Savelugu is being contested and will likely be declared in favour of NPP.

Dagbon is geographically divided into eastern Dagbon which has 5 Parliamentary seats and western Dagbon which has 8 Parliamentary seats, whiles NPP has maintained its stronghold on Eastern Dagbon, it is making serious inroads into western Dagbon and this is clearly shown by the results of just ended elections.

Numerically, from an abysmal performance of 27% in the 1992 elections in Dagbon, the party grew to 42% in 2016 elections, further moved its strength to 46.5% in 2020 elections and this growth is expected to continue.

Dagbon has produced competent men and women in this Government both in parliament and outside parliament and these people need to be empowered to continue their exploits for the party in Dagbon and beyond. It therefore stands to reason that, not only does the sons and daughters of Dagobn worked their way to the heart of NPP but deserve to be made cabinet ministers, ministers of state and appointments to other key state agencies, when this is done, Dagbon will become the new Ashanti Region for NPP

God bless Ghana, God bless Dagbon and make us cherish our new strength.