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Opinions of Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Columnist: Raymond Agbonlahor Yeboah

Nii Lantey should stop that pettiness

Nii Lantey was in the office for the past 9 months and yet he couldn't meet the Black stars players with good tip talk and motivation.Jealousy that kills a cat is one of his characters for asking questions about the new government meeting of the Stars players. After damaging the performance of the team what else thus he needs from the team.

Look at the way the new government talked and motivated the players, thus what we called the maturity way of dealing with an issue as a leader.The new party didn't reveal any secret about their motivation message to the players to any media house and the kinds of words they gave them it will take Nii Lantey 15 years to learn.l congratulate the FA for not informing him of the meeting because he is out office.The worst sports minister of all time wants to save his face withing this few days of leaving office.

Nii Lantey should go and learn how to be a minister because he was a disgrace to his government.The message alone that new government gave the players is enough for Ghana to win the nations cup.They have demonstrated to all of us that though they have not been sworn into office, Ghana football is indeed free from slavery.