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Opinions of Saturday, 14 September 2019

Columnist: Akyena Brantuo

Criticism is cheap

The media space is crowded and busting at its seams with critics The media space is crowded and busting at its seams with critics

The saying is true, “upon hindsight the fool can even be wise.”

Such is the work of critics.

They do nothing novel.

They merely gain ideas from someone's work and then turn round to tell them how they could have done what they did better.

It is not rocket science to say there is room for improvement.

But improvement is possible only because someone dared to try.

Rather than innovating, critics play it safe by sticking to the path well-travelled.

And go after those who dare to create new paths.

Unfortunately, our society rewards that.

The media space is crowded and busting at its seams with critics.

All they do is wax lyrical about what everybody, but themselves, is doing wrongly.

Such is our society.

Our government is always telling us what their predecessors did wrong, not what they did right or solution to the problem.

Teachers say students are lazy but not their contribution to that problem.

We must strive to build rather than tear down.

This includes not looking at the bad side of the situation every time.

We must not have any apprehensions in encouraging, rewarding and telling people what is good about them or what they did right.

Pointing to the good in someone, will not in any way debar you from making useful suggestions on how they can improve the work or themselves.

That is markedly different from focusing on what is wrong and discrediting what is right about them.

We should celebrate innovators despite their imperfections.

Without them, nothing gets done. Even the critic gets no work to do.

It is not possible to innovate and get it right at first instance. It is not.

That is not how it works.

If all we can contribute to one's efforts or initiatives, is to focus, highlight and zoom in on their mistakes, we are not helping but destroying them.

Inventors need room to experiment until they get confident in their craft.

Let's find an excuse to praise the kids, our wives, our workers and our leaders.

Make a decision to never destroy anyone with your mouth.

Commit to saying only what is good about others.

Be the reason some got encouraged.