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Opinions of Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Covering the vice president is a coveted assignment

Covering the vice president is a coveted assignment: many reporters crave it. Why? Well, consider the intangibles of this beat....unfettered access to the corridors of power, foreign travels and prestige.

Not one to wield a broad brush myself when it comes to passing judgment on the homegrown scriveners, I nevertheless cringe each time they behave unprofessionally.

So imagine my angst Wednesday morning when I read Nathaniel Glover Meni's shameful piece. A reporter assigned by his news bureau, the GNA to cover a state official, in this case the sitting vice president jettisons journalistic ethics, principles and everything else and unabashedly lavishes praise on his subject. I certainly can't tell if Mr. Meni by is trying to curry favors with John Mahama, but to

Ghanaians, rightly or wrongly, regard Ghanaian reporters/journalists as an insufferable bunch. I generally don't subscribe to this view for the simple reason that there are a few gems among the lot who on any given day work hard to

This is not only dangerous, it is sycophancy at its best and a huge betrayal of the public trust.

eyes and ears of the public; keep probity, transparency and accountability