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Opinions of Monday, 4 March 2019

Columnist: Eric Dumenu Akatsi

The broken trust, Anas Aremeyaw Anas

The media is once again replete with discussions of the most fearful man in Ghana with respect to corruption-related issues. This time around, it was a vengeful one, the one that takes the tone of a roaring lion casting its shadow on its prey.

What has happened, I dare ask? It is Anas, he has yet again exposed some people within the GFA!

But the tone this time was different, unlike the previous ones. It was a blast of thundering against the man we all hold in high esteem as saviour of our motherland. It was against the man who put his life on the line for the common good of his people.

What wrong did he do? His offense was because he caught a very big fish who is rated high among the political class, the GFA president. The man after his life is an affluent man, too wealthy to even make God tremble at his voice, Kennedy Agyapong.

He claimed Anas entrapped men to destroy their lives. There and then, there was a clash of Titans, the media became the referee, and the good people of Ghana the judges. Who then won?

Boom, boom, boom, another gun short was heard from a distance, it is Anas again. This time around, a top government official was indicted in his new video related to galamsey. It is obvious the fear of Anas has now crept slowly towards the political elites. His detractors, mostly politicians, once again raised the argument of entrapment and others now calling on him to show the unedited video footage to Ghanaians. A journalist should no longer show his undercover work in documentary form? He should show long hours of unedited video on TV?

What has changed? Was this not the same Anas we hailed for showing videos concerning DVLA, Albinos, The Harbour Saga, The Judiciary? I pondered slowly as I sat quietly in a Plastic chair under the mango tree located beside my house, enjoying the chipping sound of the bats.

Then, it dawns on me suddenly that the trust is broken, not because Anas and his method has changed but because his victims have changed. All this while we were hailing him, his victims have no followers to speak for them. But now, the politician has thousands and hundreds of followers whose loot he never shares with them. Yet the commitment of these followers is like bitumen fastened onto chips of gravel on a tarred road.

A man in public office has been taking money and sinking the Nation, and when dared, will ask you for proof. Another man of courage in a bide to save the Nation, put his life on the line and test the system to unravel the hidden mystery, and we now coined it nicely as entrapment. Is that not enough proof that if he could receive a bait from Anas, as little as it is, to change the system to favour Anas, then, he has the propensity to do worse or has been doing worse over the years?

Who in this country doesn't know that Anas has been unraveling corruption and testing the system for a very long time? Or his crime was that he records the bribe taker to help the state take the necessary action to sanitize the system? How sad! A job our security agencies have been paid to do but failed woefully.

Looking through all that has happened, I can confidently say that, most of his victims are corrupt and have been taking money to stab the Nation at the back, only that, those that gave them the bribe have never recorded them because of the massive gains they make at the expense of the Nation. Anas, however, does his with utmost faith for the common good of the people?

Why do they want to stab us with sweet words like entrapment? For us to disown the man we don't even pay as a nation for what he willfully does? So that the thieves can engage in a spree looting our resources.

Anas may be corrupt, he may never be an angel, only God alone is good. But as long as he doesn't hold any public office of trust and does what he does for the collective good of the people of Ghana, we must never break that trust.

Let's not stab Anas, Let's encourage him.

Anas, if you perchance come across my article. Never give up. Posterity will remember you. Know that, that young boy from Afadzato South is looking up to you as his hero.

Eric Dumenu Akatsi

(The Crusader, Afadzato South)

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