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Opinions of Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Columnist: Amponsa-Dadzie, Paa Kofi Freeman

Corruption in Ghana politics - NDC tops all!!!

I have to go with a bang - Many serial paid propagandists on NDC-BNI-NCA Associates of Ghana politics say DOMO-PP-NPP Governments are corrupt, as serialised by ndc propagandists and their Corrupt Cohort, and therefore have to spend valuable time to respond here extempore I said, NPP must never shy away from challenging these CPP-PNDC liar liars who never stop their propaganda...indeed, as I said ...earlier...we do not eat and breath politics only in this life and say carry on...Right my extempore here and learn the bitter truth...We all use this Facebook for different reasons. You and me like politics, but whiles I prefer Politics of Development, you seem to revel in politics of denigrating leaders of NPP, as part of your paid propaganda crusade under the watch of NCA of MOST CORRUPT NDC Government...

Today NDC picked on the wrong target, Dr Kofi Abrefa Busia, the leader of Progress Party Government, the most well educated, well-civilised, highly-sanitised, most uncorrupted, development-minded band of Patriots who formed the nucleus of the Nationalist Party, UGCC, that led the Struggle for Ghana's Independence after the Second World War before Nkrumah came to usurp power and led a band of greedy bastards of veranda boys to introduce politics onto Ghana Politics.. Someone published their Picture here but can't retrieve it now: You claim Dr Busia took 2 year Salary Advance but do not provide any documentary evidence to prove it. But how can it be? How can the former Secretary General of World Council of Churches; a student of Oxford University, aptly nicknamed “Best University Student In Africa” in those times of White Racism (whereas even today Oxford University admitted only ONE Black African Student in the old University), First Black Professor of Sociology in University of Ghana, do this? Listen, Abdul Aziz and the rest of you ignorant NDC Foot soldiers and jaundiced propagandists: Kofi Abrefa Busia’s ancestors were farmers in Wenchi long before the Ewe dominated Anlos and Ewes migrated from Notsie, in Benin/Dahomey to Volta Region in the 19th Century, that is almost two centuries after the Slave Trade and departure of Dutch Colony of Gold Coast to South Africa in 1652. At that time Northern Ghana did not even know of Dagomba, Nanumbas, Mossi and Gonja people, but was rather inhabited by small settlers of Frafra, Dagarti, Sisalas and other auchtotonous people.

These Right-wing Democrats, Nationalists and Patriots were not born with silver spoon in their mouths, but achieved so much from reading books, mere books. Kofi Abrefa Busia wore a loin cloth to Mfantsipim College, where he learnt hard to become a great SCHOLAR. The only house he built long before he went to politics was one of the first in Odorkor. Dr Busia could have earned Millions from writing books but sacrificed it all for his love of his country, and so you sonofabitch and mere propagandist can never obliterate his achievements with such bogus poisonous article that falsely accuse him of Corruption. Dr Busia's Cabinet of men and women of great substance were in power for only 2 years and 3 Months, and challenge you here to chronicle their corruptive practices by empirical evidence: Point out the CORRUPTION here and now! Look, I was 10 years, when Progress Party came to power in September 1969. I lived in Lawyer Brodie-Mends house (built by his own father, Dr Brodie-Mends, through this Vice President's Father, Amissah Arthur, a cousin who actually diverted the monies to build a bigger house for himself and family and wrote his name on it, when he never worked for it). Before his appointment to PP Government, Lawyer Mends drove his own beautiful Black Chevrolet and Beauc Posh Cars, as a rich and successful Lawyer. He was first made a Minister of Information, and when PP Government first discovered Oil for Ghana in Saltpond, appointed as Minister of Lands and Mineral Resources. Tell me the house he built again aside his Father's house, or any evidence of his corruptive practice in government. He was placed before Investigation Committee after the 1972 coup for trading his Chevrolet for a smaller Toyota Hiace car with a fridge that could contain 3 bottles of water in the car boot. He was so uncorrupted that in his Obituary, his Football Team, Vipers even extolled this virtue. Oheneba Kow Richardson was even praised for his incorruptibility despite decades of torture and exiling by Nkrumah's government, and I lived sometimes with him, where I observed his frugality and moral discipline. Mr J A Annobil was the Author of "Fie Na Skuul" Books and Chairman of Methodist Book Depot when Dr Busia persuaded him to become A Central Regional Minster: the lasting story about him was his refusal to include old DOMO Champion Drivers, Kojo Mensah Atta and Indomitable Boakye, in the list of beneficiaries of car loan scheme because ‘everyone will say Progress Party has become as corrupt as Nkrumah’s CPP”. Go to Kawanupado in Cape Coast and ask the family of ‘Tusker’ what he got for all his dangerous involvement in politics of the Corrupt First Republic. Richard Abusuayedom Quarshie was an intelligent man, and already a very rich man with his own bakeries and factories and farms… when he was appointed Minster of Trade by Busia, but lost a lot for his involvement in Ghana Politics. The List goes on: Victor Owusu built only one House in Osu Cantonments; NYB Adade was a big lawyer before he joined Busia's government. Dr J K Fynn was never as rich as Kwamena Ahwoi and Tsatsu Tsikata became when he left his Lecturer Job in Legon to join Busia's government. Please point out one single Busia's Minister who was rich from any form of corruption: J H Mensah was a mere Director of Odumasi Farms and not the Owner. He was involved as a means to gauge response to Busia's Agricultural and Rural Development scheme for Ghana's benefit. Dr Safo Adu's wife was not only a fair pretty woman but a hardworking successful businessmen, and reason for their successful lives and yet well after 1972 he was hounded by PNDC’s Public Tribunal for taking an African development Bank Loan in Ivory Coast. Dr Busia’s government did not sell a single one of Dr Nkrumah’s many utopian factories, hotels, ships, Mines, warehouses, houses etc. when they came to power, UNLIKE the Nkrumaist PNDC CORRUPT Politicians and Revolutionary Soldiers who sold everything under their MOST CORRUPTIVE Divestiture Implementation Committee. Please tell me how Busia's government became as corrupt as the previous CPP Government, whose Ministers like Kojo Botsio, Asafu-Adjayes, Aaron Ofori Atta, Edward Mahama (President John Mahama’s Father) Krobo Edusei, Ayeh Kumi, Ambrose Yankey, Komla Agbelie Gbedemah, B A Dadson, Azarco Welbeck, J G Aggrey, Imoru Egala, Okutwer Bekoe, Kofi Baako, Adamafio etc. and so many of them owned almost 20 to 30 Houses each, gained from collecting 10% Bribes and Commission on many Government projects - schools and factories they built...Na Lie? Was any government ever so corrupt as these band of thieves who did not own a single plot of land each at Independence but turned out so wealthy between 1951 and 196? Is it not true that the children of CPP Leaders still enjoy these properties all over the country and many parts of the Western World?

Dr Busia’s PP Government was overthrown In January 1972 by the same CPP gang and Abongo Corrupt Military, but CORRUPTION was never cited as one of the reasons as Arthur K once observed: Now who was the Economics and Finance Minister under Acheampong's government that ruled with the same ‘CPP’ politicians from 1972 to 1979? The answer is JLS Abbey, who is still in NDC Government today...and together with Nana Konadu’s Father, J O T Agyeman, and Acheampong’s Military Rulers introduced KALABULE and GYINABU in Ghana’s Economy that devastated the country’s economy and worse still provided a reason for Rawlings’ senseless coup de tats, which led to all our problems as a country to date; for Jerry Rawlings PNDC Government was the worst form of corrupt military kakistocracy in history! They sold everything in Ghana - state Hotels, Mines, Parastatals (PWD< AESC< SHC< SCC, PDC, MMB, GFDC etc.), Factories, Black Star Line Ships, State Lands – and did not account for a penny. The parliamentary Accounts Committee of this Parliament revealed that $8.7 BILLION Dollars of Debts are still owed by their invisible cronies who purchased these 330 State Assets. Rawlings Ministers and Cronies now own the palatial mansions in Sakumono and Dome-Kwabenya Estate holding as Dzorwulu houses owned by Acheampong and Nkrumaists chains of Mansions dotted all over Ghana. How did PNDC leaders came to own these many properties they have today? Did Kofi Busia give Naa Morkor Busia a State factory as Junior Jesus Rawlings did for his corrupt wife at Nsawam@Cannery factory?

The NDC Government of today is identified by the Clergy, Media men, NGOs and everyman and his dog as the most CORRUPT Government ever known in the annals of Ghana Politics – with their fraudulent Judgment Debts, Fraudulent Sale of Merchant Banks, Isofoton, Woyome, CP, SUBAH, Akonfem and GYEEDA and many other crimes against the poor people of Ghana. They steal Bank Monies to but Private Aeroplanes whiles their mothers’ languish in old rounded empty huts in Northern and Volta Regions of Ghana. Who has abused Ghana’s State resources as CPP – NRC – PNP – PNDC- NDC Governments of Ghana? Tell us the real corruptive practices of President Kufuor’s NPP Government? What did Nana Akuffo Addo steal in the government of NPP, despite all the things they did for Ghana?

Also, I worked as a Registrar of Public Tribunals, and saw with my own eyes the huge pile of FINES paid by Accused persons into PNDC Account 48…Why was this money never accounted for, as the proceeds of the sale of 330 State Assets under the CORRUPT Divestiture? What were the jobs of PNDC Leaders before the revolution? What did they own before 31st December 1981? Your master propagandist of NCA, Totobi Quakyi, limped around UCC as a teaching Assistant and did not even own a bicycle…what are his length of riches today? Ato Dadzie did not own a single good car nor a Flat when he worked as a Lawyer in Cape Coast under my own Brother Lawyer between 1976 and 1981 but now own Warehouses all over the place and has even bought his own Chieftaincy, as many PNDC politicians do? Is there any politician in Ghana as rich as Pay Voucher P V Obeng? What job did he do before the revolution? What about the Ahwois who now own a gated street full of houses? How many houses has the Rawlingses? How did G K Agama, former Governor of Bank of Ghana and his chum, Clement Fiaffitor Sowu, Iddrisu Mahama, Kwesi Botchway, Quarshie, Sipa Yankey, Ampofo, Mahamas, Aquinas, Benyiwa Doe, Cecilia Johnson, Ato Dadzie, Yieleh Chiereh, Bagbin,, Asiedu Nketia, E T Mensah and so many of these former “kahwehwe” PNDC leaders, who are now the nouveau riche Billionaires in Ghana despite never doing a honest day’s job before they entered the CORRUPT PNDC Government. The list goes on and on and on, of how these leeches and parasites has rendered Ghana so poor at the back of Corruptive practices of these NDC leaders, protected by Indemnity Clauses in the Constitution and went free from scrutiny by the bogus National Reconciliation Committee.

You are all beneficiaries of grand larceny of corruption engendered by tyranny and dictatorship. You all covet power with your might as career building gateway to free riches at the expense of poor people, who die so early from common hunger and simple diseases, as well as squalor, dirt, lack of health care and so much poverty, whilst you live it up at the back of such senseless propaganda. Just look at the palatial mansions built by NDC leaders such and apparatchiks such as Asiedu Nketia, Mahamas, Omane Boamah, Felix Ofosu Kwakye, Ablakwa Okuzeto, Twertwie Poku, Anita De Soso, Allotey Jacobs, Abeeku Aggrey etc. etc.? How did such poor people get so much money in such a short time of being in government to build all these huge mansions as published on the Internet, and never challenged by them? CROOKEDNESS! You NDC propagandists claimed that Addo Kufuor was one of the richest NPP Politicians and therefore he went to Court to absolve himself? Why has these people in NDC accused of corruption and identified as so rich never gone to Court to absolve themselves too? And who told you Busia’s government Ministers did not declare their Assets? WHAT ABOUT PNDC LEADERS, including the PRESENT ONE? Have they declared their Assets as demanded by the Constitution? How do they get monies to send their children to Schools and Universities abroad? Will there ever be a government as corrupt as this very NDC people, who BRIBED Chiefs, Imams, Pastors, Opinion and Student Leaders with Cars and Vans and Buses, and shared Lap Top Computers, Motor Bikes, Outboard Motors, Enamels, Basins, Sewing Machines, Yomi, Wax prints and so much MONEY three months before the 2012 Elections? Did anyone see President Kufuor and NPP Government doing this before the 2008 Elections? Then, on Dr Kofi Abrefa Busia’s Sallah case of No Court No Court case you trumpet so much won’t be as bad as the state of corruption and arbitrary powers under Nkrumah’s Judiciary where Preventive Detention Act, Dismissal of Judges and ABUSE of Human Rights of many Ghanaians were so rife and common. Sallah’s case can never be compared to the corrupt PNDC’s Tribunal System. P/NDC murdered Judges, Student leaders, Businessmen; confiscated private properties, cut and sold all our country’s TIMBER at the cover of Curfew and pocketed them in their long-hole pockets. Where is the $565 Million Dollars of proceeds from sale of Obuasi Gold Mines? Did Vodaphone not pay $900 MILLION to NDC Government in 2009? (I really feel like pouring copious amount of abuse and insults at you but will restrain myself for another day); but the era of serialising lies, innuendos and false allegations against Progress Party Leaders must be challenged and printed before you sully the Internet with such inaccuracies…Its painful for me to waste all my time here because of your lies and negative propagandist tales, but please tell your pay masters in NDC Government that the time is coming soon for them to be subjected to the same Probity and Accountability they foisted on us during your bunkum revolution… Except Dr Nkrumah, for his selfless ideals and exploits but let down by his CORRUPT Veranda boys, there is no one single person in CPP – NRC – PNP – PNDC – NDC Governments of Ghana that has ruled Ghana for over 50 years that can compare himself to Dr Kofi Abrefa Busia, of Blessed Memory. No one comes near BUSIA in terms of unbridled knowledge, Economic Achievement, Politics of DEMOCRACY and sheer

Honesty, Incorruptibility and Divine presence. It is not by might, or by fight but the true spirit of love that conquers all, as manifested in real life politics by Dr Kofi Abrefa Busia Busia and many of his cabinet Ministers included President J A Kuffuor and Nana Akuffo Addo!

God Bless NPP Tradition! God Bless Ghana!!!