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Opinions of Friday, 6 November 2015

Columnist: Dekportor, Mensah

Corruption: a convenient political weapon

Corruption has become an easy target for political actors seeking attention and looking to score cheap political points. This is due to the fact that one can easily pontificate about corruption without offering any specific details to support allegations of corruption and get away with it. It is however necessary in the fight against corruption that anyone who alleges corruption provides specifics of the allegation in order to bring some seriousness into discussions on the all important issue of corruption.

In this regard, a recent statement of Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom relating to corruption is relevant to the issue. Dr. Nduom is quoted as having said that “with all the natural resources we are blessed with, why are we where we are- a nation ridden with debt disgraced by corruption in high places and held down by illiteracy and poverty” Dr. Nduom would however do justice to the corruption debate by making reference to the specific instances and details of corruption in high places that he is referring to bring some credibility to his statement.

Ghanaians take the issue of corruption seriously and would therefore expect that corruption be looked at not as a convenient political smear weapon for politicians to toy with. In any event, does Dr. Nduom have the moral right to lecture Ghanaians about “corruption in high places”? Has he sufficiently defended himself against allegations of corruption brought against him by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) which were the subject of investigations at the SFO? Has he thoroughly provided answers to all corruption allegations brought against him in detail detailed SFO report on his business activities by the then SFO? Obviously Ghanaians would take his pontifications on the issue of corruption seriously if he publicly and adequately defends himself on this specific instance of corruption in high place that relates to him. Until that is done he should refrain from playing politics with the issue of corruption.

Yes corruption whether in high places or low places is public enemy number one. It is serious business, and as a result should not be permitted to be the subject of needless political grand standing. The fight against corruption should be tackled on specifics and of necessity be devoid of generalizations which make a mockery of it. In addition instances of corruption that occur should be dealt with firmly and with dispatch in order to send the right deterrence signals to society at large.
God bless our homeland Ghana.
Report By:
Mensah Dekportor (Hamburg – Germany)