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Opinions of Sunday, 27 June 2010

Columnist: Adumua, Sam

Corruption In La Polyclinic Birth And Death Registry

My attention has been drawn to the fact that some individuals at the birth and death registry in La Polyclinic are seriously milking their pocket with moneys they collect from law abiding Ghanaians to issue them with either birth or death certificates.

They have created all sort of artificial shortages in the department to frustrate fellow Ghanaians who have already paid the required amount to force them to pay extra money ranging from 300 Ghana cedi to700 Ghana cedi to speed the process up for them. This has been the situation for over a year now and I am really disappointed that the authorities in the polyclinic have kept mute about it.

The situation is very bad and the manager of the birth and death registry department is fully aware of all the corrupt practices going on under her nose. A lot of people who applied for their birth certificates for over two months now have still not received their certificates and staff of the registry is demanding various sums of money from them to help speed the process up for them.

This uncouth behaviour must stop now and I call on the government and our media houses to visit the La polyclinic to grant interview to people who have applied for their birth certificates and have not received them for over two months now.

The team in that department should be reshuffled and the manager should be dismissed. It is hard time we find trustworthy people to manage our government institutions to bring about proper change to our emerging economy.


Adumuah Sam