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Opinions of Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Columnist: Daily Guide

Corruption Brouhaha: Just thinking aloud!

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“A bird will always use another bird’s feather to feather its own nest” — African proverb

I was sitting my somewhere thinking of how to survive under President Ogwanfunu’s corruption infested government when news of the appointment of a new Inspector General of Police (IGP) reached me. I wasn’t in the least surprised about John Kudalor’s appointment, and I would tell you why.

The first law of nature, we are told, is self-preservation. My observation is that President Ogwanfunu, like many humans, uses the least opportunity to apply nature’s first law. Perhaps a few examples would help clear the fogs in your medulla.

I’m sure you do remember Justice Yaw Apau, the Sole Judgment Debt Commissioner. No sooner had he submitted his report, which contained damning findings against Nana Addo, than President Ogwanfunu elevated him to the Supreme Court. Could it be because he had done a hatchet job for President Ogwanfunu?

You also remember Mr Kofi Anokye Owusu-Darko of the Dzamefe Commission, don’t you? He was appointed acting CEO of National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA) just few weeks after the Commission had submitted its report to the President. It subsequently emerged that the Commission had done a perfect job of shielding the President’s ‘darling boy’, Hon Chooboi, and throwing Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi to the wolves.

Now I ask; who was the Director of Operations of Police during the “Let My Vote Count” demonstration? Was it not John Kudalor? He did not only oversee a demonstration that went sour, he also justified the police brutality which led to the loss of an eye by an innocent citizen.

If as Director of Operations he could oversee such brutish police brutality and justify it, then one can only imagine what he can do for his political master now that he has been appointed IGP. Do you now understand why I wasn’t surprised at his appointment?

Instead of pondering over Kudalor’s appointment and finding ways to counter any probable machinations of his, our brothers and sisters riding on the Great Elephant are still throwing blows at one another. It’s, however, refreshing to note that the National Council has voted overwhelmingly in support of Chairman Paul Afoko’s suspension. It’s also refreshing that Kwabena Agyapong has finally come to terms with his pal’s suspension. My hope is that peace would soon return to the party.

Chairman Afoko now has only two options: Cut his losses and accept the party’s decision, or go to court to seek redress. Neither of the two options would give him victory, but the former would make him regain some credibility. If Afoko really loves the party as he claims, then he would choose the former.

As for the likes of Sammy Crabbe and Arthur Kennedy, it is best if the party ignores their infantile ranting. The Elephant is a great party and not a junior high school debating club. The party is governed by rules and regulations. So anyone who feels mistreated should resort to party structures to right the supposed wrong done him. Raving and ranting in the media like an over-pampered child would not help both the individual and the party. Such ranting would only lead to sanctions. And when the sanctions eventually come, we do not expect to hear them accuse the party of injustice.

Is it not said that the grass suffers when two elephants fight? How profoundly true! Martin Amidu, the Citizen Vigilante, is currently engaged in a verbal fight with Anas Aremeyaw Anas. Many have described it as needless, owing to the fact that both are fighting a common cause; which is to expose corrupt acts in the society. I’m myself confused over what the Citizen Vigilante is fighting for this time.

In my mind’s eye I see Justice Ajet Nassam laughing at the actions of the two anti-corruption crusaders. By the way, who facilitated the exit of Ajet Nassam? Is it true that he was helped to abscond in order to cover some big names in the Ogwanfunu government? Hmmmm!

Hon. Seth Tekper presented the 2016 Budget to Parliament last Friday. I did not monitor because I knew nothing new would come out of it. How true I was! It only contained recycled policies and Kwaku Ananse stories. It was aptly described as “Dead Goat Budget” because it failed to listen to the cries of the downtrodden.

We woke up the following day to be greeted by a shocking story about killings in Paris the previous night. I could not control my tears as I watched the chilling and gory images. The attack is indeed senseless and inhumane.

But the Paris killings are no different from the killing of innocent women and children in Gaza. While condemning the Paris attack, it’s only fair to draw the attention of the world, especially the powerful West, to the deliberate lack of attention being given to the killing of innocent souls in Gaza.

You see, I’m linking the shameful Paris killings to killings in Gaza because no life is more important than the other. If we could weep for the 129 innocent souls lost in Paris, which we should, why is the world very silent on the thousands of innocent lives being lost in Palestine? The silence is too loud to ignore!

Abusuapanin, do forgive me if you feel offended by anything discussed in this piece. I was only thinking aloud; and thinking isn’t a crime, is it?

See you next week for another interesting konkonsa, Deo volente!