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Opinions of Friday, 27 March 2020

Columnist: Charles Yeboah

Coronavirus: Does prayer work in times of crisis?

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When Ghana announced the arrival of the deadly Coronavirus COVID-19 on her shores, with a handful of cases recorded, the government did not only put his trust in the scientists but in a God also.

The presidency called to the Jubilee House, the seat of government, Christian pastors and Muslim leaders to pray to their God and stem the disease spread and death toll.

It didn't only end at that, the President Nana Akuffo Addo in his evening broadcast to the nation announced a National Fasting and Prayer Day on the 25th of March, 2020.

Critiques, pessimists, unbelievers, detractors, scoffers and opponents, in continuing with the old disease of nemesis that kills the nation more than the virus we're battling reared its ugly head again.

There are some who are laughing at the idea of prayer instead of science.

Some scoffing the believers who fasted and prayed but nothing changed because the infections increased exponentially in Ghana.

Even, on the One Ghana Movement media platform, a place only meant for dreaming big what will rescue and rebuild Ghana to her deserving status, Paradise, a pilgrims' pride, the participants are divided on this prayer thing.

As a conveyor and founder of the movement, I step in this way to state as follows:

Prayer works, so do science. The two move in tandem, in essence, they overlap. Science is a result of answered prayer. Read about them, the world known best scientists are believers.

There's no country in the world that's more scientific than the United States of America, but learn it their president Donald Trump called on the countrymen to call on God.

Is the disease abating there? The USA is now the epicenter of the disease. Check it how New York is ravaged now, surpassing China and Italy with more infected people.

In as much as we call ourselves "awake" and would want to rescue and rebuild Ghana, we shouldn't get obsessed with the old "nonsense" of religious battle in Africa, which of course do no good to our progress.

Kwame Nkrumah, the first President of our Republic, though scientific and forward looking, was a believer. In fact, he even studied theology whiles abroad. He could have been a pastor, but his calling was beyond that.

He wasn't Antichrist as his detractors muddied him to be.

This platform is for *One Ghana Movement*. Our discussion from hence should be geared at collating our resources to save Ghana from sinking further.

I'm not sure the incumbent, President Akuffo Addo is sitting aloof. Apart from announcing a $100 million budget to combat the disease, I've seen markets sprayed with disinfectants. Veronica Buckets, hand sanitisers, surgical masks, and all other Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) distributed to the populace.

Such is a scientific approach to fighting the pandemic.

The God factor is to guide the leaders to make sound decisions that will not further sink the nation in times of Crisis.

To lean on a God doesn't make us uneducated or sleepy. But it paints to the Powers that Be that we're vulnerable and we need their assistance and guidance.

If time would allow it, I would state numerous examples of how prayer had worked when science failed.

Not long ago, in a California suburb of Paradise, there was a fire outbreak that ravaged unabating. With their machinery and technological advancement, they couldn't douse the fire.

It took the unseen God to open the windows of the Firmament sending down rains to douse the fire. That was last year, 2019.

There is a Powerful God that answers prayers in times of Crisis. I know Him, and I call on the faithful of the Movement I lead not to underestimate the able power of this God.

God, Heal Our Country Ghana, and our World.

*Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)*