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Opinions of Thursday, 28 November 2013

Columnist: Ali, Justice

Core Values of Stephen Akwetey

My brothers and sisters, elected polling station executives and yet to be elected constituencies executives within the Great Accra region, leadership is not about maximising credentials and never it is about personal glory or public attention. Simply put, true leadership is about the institution, the people and above all the goals of the institution. However, the leadership of Stephen Akwetey if voted into office shall embrace the following core values: Total anti-corruption stance Fight against social injustices, inequity and marginalization Political empowerment Economic empowerment Freedom for all Commitment to party work and total discipline, by eschewing immoral and unethical behaviour towards authority and people.
Distinguished incoming constituencies executives, elected ward/branch executives, Stephen can hold on firmly to the above values if we indeed understand and identify ourselves truly with the party and its history. As a centre left organization, we are easily identifiable with the groupings such as the: - industrial workers, farmers, fishermen and the like. Our aspirations and core values are tied and linked up with that of the above social/economic groupings.
Stephen will apply sustainability principles to the way he will operate as the leader of our Party. He is committed to being proactive in his stewardship and will work hard on improving the gains made so far so as to ensure we maintain power in 2016. Trust him; he is the best man for the job.
Becoming the Greater Accra regional Chairman is Stephen's purpose, not his motivation. His motivation is that he wants to lead the party for us to maintain power in 2016. He is also motivated by the numerous calls for decisive and quality leadership for our Party. Just knowing Stephen 's purpose does not tell us anything about what he is driven by but only what he is driven toward. Any of the stated motivations would be sufficient to explain Stephen 's purpose of becoming the NDC Regional Chairman. Clearly, motivations do not specifically dictate purposes, nor are purposes indicative of any particular motivations. What we know is that Stephen 's overall motivation is to serve a call badly needed to get things fixed for our Party.
In fact, Mr. Stephen with the ambition to lead our dear party as yet to be elected into office after been elected by conference with the people’s representatives, together with his team, (who have also been elected by the same assembly), which constitutes a unit of leadership, shall sit down to map out a strategy of identifying social/economic groupings and thus, design a strategic work format that will enable us to reach out to them. As an elected individual (as Chairman), his perspectives into the future with regards to his working attitude /strategy towards this groupings will be the following: Identifying the groupings in each of the constituencies .Their immediate challenges, and difficulties to achieve set targets. He determines to motivate the party worker especially at the grassroots. He understands the challenges faced by relentless teams in the remotest areas and will work with them to ameliorate the difficulties. Talk to ward/branch and constituencies executives to vote for Stephen as the region chairman.
Thank you
Written by Justice Ali