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Opinions of Thursday, 2 June 2016

Columnist: Abdulai, Alhaji Alhasan

Cooperation with law enforcement agencies towards peaceful election

Of late the nation is experiencing ugly occurrences such as armed robbery in residential areas and banks, murders and attempted murders of members of parliaments and the killings of innocent policemen, chiefs and some residents of our cities and towns such as Kumasi.

In sporting arenas, brutalities are being recorded to the surprise of many Ghanaians. No week passes without a referee or match official being attacked by football fans.

Actions being taken by disciplinary committees of the Ghana Football Associations on culprits of such brutalities don’t seem to be deterrent enough.

This has led to GN Bank threatening to withdraw their sponsorship of the first division league in Ghana. I believe the bank would be prevailed upon to rescind its decision to help the 1st division teams out.

The Inspector General of Police, John Kudalor has initiated moves to save the situation by mobilizing police personnel to ensure the safety of all parts of Ghana, especially in our hotels, parliament and during functions in our neighborhoods and football fields.

While commending the police for the actions taken so far, it still leaves much to be desired, especially since policing is a shared responsibility.

Mobilizing police to hotels, functions and alerting them to arrest suspected criminals is not enough, especially in this election year. There is the need for the police to use its community police resource to engage in regular discussions with the youth, women, opinion leaders and chiefs.

The police must use the church and mosque pulpits to disseminate information and sensitize the youth on the need to stop engaging criminal activities. This way, the police would be able to deal with, and discover the real reason for the upsurge of criminal activities in Ghana.

The meetings would also reveal the increase in the number of strangers from neighboring countries who are engaged in nefarious activities in our communities.

Above all, through the community work by the police, an intelligence network would be created to provide regular information on activities of strange people and criminal minded persons.

Policemen have begun arresting motorbike riders who are engaged in illegalities, especially in Accra. Most the motor riders are caught jumping red traffic lights while others do not wear helmets.

Other motor bike riders also ride unlicensed bikes. This move is good because it would rid Accra and the cities and towns of motor bikes that can cause accidents, while other bikes, especially the unlicensed ones could be used in robbery.

The social media could be used for information dissemination-towards easy communication by the mass media and other partners. However the social media can also be used by criminals, and those determined to use it to cause havoc during the coming elections.

However, we do not think it is right for the IGP to cause a black out of the social media on Election Day this year.

Hold on-IGP- on this action, because it would affect the media, election observers and diplomats who would use the social media to send information to and from other centers on the Election Day.

To all those involved in criminal acts, please do well to desist from it, especially this election year when we expect many people in the country.

The young ones among you-who-for some reasons are idle can pursue courses and vocations to help yourselves out on the job market or to become artisans.

All those using motorbike to rob innocent people must stop it, for it won’t be good for the nation. Those of you using the social media to engage in “sakawa” known as internet fraud, must stop.

Those who are bent on assassinating members of parliament, chiefs and other prominent persons must desist from it. Such act is un-Ghanaian. This way, we shall continue together with police and other law enforcement agencies help Ghana to remain a peaceful nation in West Africa and the world at a large.

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