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Opinions of Sunday, 31 July 2016

Columnist: Okoampa-Ahoofe, Kwame

Conviction of Montie-FG gang

I must first take this prime opportunity to heartily congratulate the members of the Ghana Supreme Court, in particular Justice Sophia Akuffo, for nobly recovering and restoring a significant modicum of its institutional integrity by sentencing the so-called Montie Three to four months behind bars. Indeed, it was already clear to me that about the only Supreme Court justice who could bring condign justice to the contemnors would have to be who was resolute, bold and courageous enough to fully appreciate the dire implications and corrosive impact of the dastardly attempts by Messrs. Mugabe Salifu Maase, Alistair Nelson and Ako Gunn to effectively erase the functional significance of the Apex Court to postcolonial Ghanaian civilization (See “NDC UK & Ireland Chapter Pleads with Supreme Court to Temper Justice with Mercy” 7/26/16).

I shall shortly fully discuss the salutary implications of the sentencing of the Montie-Fm program host, Mr. Salifu Maase, and his two pro-NDC panelists, Messrs. Nelson and Gunn. For now, let us address the deleterious implications of the letter written and signed by the Public Relations Officer of the United Kingdom and Ireland Chapter of the National Democratic Congress, Mr. Michael Frempong, in which the writer pleads with the justices of the Supreme Court to “temper justice with mercy.” Needless to say, I find the aforesaid letter, presumably an open-letter, to be immitigably offensive and equally contemptuous of the Apex Court. If I had my way, Mr. Frempong would be facing criminal charges for so rudely and luridly attempting to impugn the common sense and integrity of the membership of the Supreme Court.
As one who never recovered from the trauma of the savage abduction and brutal assassination of Justices Cecilia Koranteng-Addow, Fred Poku-Sarkodie and Kwadwo Agyei Agyepong by Chairman Jerry John Rawlings and Capt. (Rt.) Kojo Tsikata and their assigns on June 30, 1982 (See The SIB Report), I can barely contain my anger at Mr. Frempong and the entire hoodlum pack that constitutes the membership of the UK and Ireland Chapter of the National Democratic Congress. We must also pointedly underscore the fact that since the assassination of the three Akan-descended Accra High Court judges (at the time, the Acheampong-led Supreme Military Council [SMC-1] junta had abolished the Supreme Court), there has not been any let in attempts by the key operatives of the Rawlings-minted National Democratic Congress (formerly the Provisional National Defense Council [PNDC]) to effectively undermine the confidence and integrity of both the members of the Ghana Supreme Court and the institutional apparatus of the Apex Court itself.

The most recent of such attempt came in the form of the covert and patently unconstitutional collaborative snooping on the entire membership of the judiciary by a politically bumbling and desperate President John Dramani Mahama and the Anas Aremeyaw Anas-chaperoned Tiger-Eye private investigative firm. And on the latter score must be promptly observe that the very idea of restoring popular confidence into the nation’s judicial system was quite laudable, except for the very questionable method and manner in which the entire exercise was conducted, by selectively and invidiously picking on only one branch of Government, which indisputably left much to be desired. Indeed, subsequent events surrounding the Mahama Ford Expedition Payola Scam has since laid bare the inescapably prejudicial and mischievous motive behind the entire exposé.

It is all too clear that the three criminal convicts, namely, Messrs. Mugabe Salifu Maase, Alistair Nelson and Ako Gunn fully appreciated the dire implications of their systematically orchestrated contempt of the Apex Court, and may very well have been sponsored, or put to this scheme, by some highly placed officials at the Flagstaff House. In sum, this is clearly a premeditated crime suavely orchestrated according to a well-laid-out plan, any vehement protestations to the contrary by the Mahama Posse notwithstanding. Indeed, Mr. Mugabe Salifu Maase elicited this much when in the wake of his summons by the Supreme Court, the Montie-Fm program host added insult to injury by virulently accusing the Supreme Court judges of ethnic chauvinism, clearly implying that the Apex Court was decidedly the exclusive preserve of Akan-descended judges. Which is why one wishes that these unconscionable NDC Abongo Boys had been sentenced to a minimum of 4 years’ imprisonment with hard labor.

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