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Opinions of Thursday, 13 December 2012

Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.

Congratulations Dr. Mark Asibey Yeboah.

By: Stephen A.Quaye.

Has someone been feeling boring because that person’s parliamentary seat has been taken away by another person throwing him or her out from the law making house starting from January 2013? Maybe.
But I do not think so because the place is just quiet only for me to hear from afar the noise,” po pa po pa” as the person tries to break some plastic bubbles to keep himself or herself busy.
Oh sorry, that person may not be feeling boring now that he or she is a grand parent so even if out of his/her law making job, the person might be baby sitting a grand child to comfort himself or herself somehow eh? HA, HA, HA, that is politics for you.
Anyway, that is beside the point. Let me use this opportunity to congratulate Dr. Mark Asibey Yeboah, the newly elected Member of Parliament for New Juaben South constituency, otherwise known as Koforidua in the Eastern Region.
My congratulation message has delayed a bit because in fact this year I never bothered to monitor the general elections as well as the parliamentary elections to know who won the Koforidua seat eh?
That was right, I never cared a hoot to know who was going to win the general elections as well as who was going to win in whatever constituency because now with the North American mentality, you do not care a hoot as who wins the federal election.
Rather you are more concerned about who wins in your constituency which is popularly referred to as ridings in Canada because you are much interested about what goes on in your constituency or riding.
And if you care to know that was why nothing changed in the just ended American election as the House of Representatives is being controlled by the Republican Party with that of the senate being controlled by the democrats.
This is simply because the people look out for the leadership qualities in candidates seeking to be elected as their law makers with good policies and programmes that will seek their welfare for them to support and achieve success.
So if you find out you will realize that in most of the states the people voted for President Barack Obama but never voted for the democrat parliamentary candidates but rather that of the republican parliamentarians to balance the equation.
As a Ga boy, I should have concerned myself with whoever won in Ledzokuku constituency where my father’s house is situated but no I am more interested in Koforidua because I grew up in the area as well as practiced my profession in the metropolitan city before migrating to North America.
Therefore allow me to express my congratulations to the newly elected law maker who will represent the area in the next parliament with the full hope that he will continue the good works of his predecessors.
Koforidua is a remarkable city of the New Juaben Metropolitan Assembly which also houses the Eastern Region as its capital with proper layouts, nice and neatly constructed roads with beautiful roadside trees that provide shades during the sunshine days.
It is not a city that does not sleep as some people may describe busy commercial capital cities. It is a city that there is no pressure living in it and once you find yourself stationed in it, your employers expect nothing from you except good works as well as living a responsible life.
However, failure to provide certain facilities such as modern entertainment sites for children like Children’s park and even an adult entertainment halls has made many people from other regions but stationed in the flower city always going to spend the weekend else where.
Winning the Koforidua parliamentary seat means more work for you Dr. Asibey Yeboah to do to ensure that the area comes up to real standard when it comes to facilities to entertain and make people happy to enjoy staying in the area.
The area is not much endowed with tourist sites or potentials to develop to attract holiday makers to generate more income for the assembly to further develop the area.
But it can consider making the flower city a holiday hub by introducing something like jazz festivals, weekend highlife festivals, drama festivals and dance halls which can create jobs for traders, commercial drivers, hoteliers and also keep the “koti” guys ass busy.
Sometimes some of us guys living in the diaspora who might have lived peacefully in the area and wish to return one day and continue to enjoy the beautiful scenery later, feel sad that the whole regional capital does not have a modern stadium to host sports and other cultural activities and would asked that you consider lobbying the government to construct one for the area.
Since you have just been elected and would soon take your seat as the law maker for New Juaben South constituency, I need not to bother you with so many appeals but wait comfortably in my couch and pray for you to succeed in your new endeavor.
Once again congratulations and wish you well as the new Koforidua Flowers MP.
Congrats Dr. Mark Asibey Yeboah.