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Opinions of Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Columnist: Nana Kwadwo Akwaa

Congrats to NDC/BT Baba; the best won

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The best actually won, the best with respect to winning elections in a constituency actually wins any election organised in that constituency at any specific time.

The party which actually understood the political terrain/behaviour/pattern of the Talensi currently won the day.

Meaning the NDC were the best this time because maybe they understood the people of Talensi better than the NPP, maybe they had the best strategies and message to lure the people of Talensi to vote for them than us, the NPP.

As a result, I congratulate and salute BT BABA/NDC for their victory, sad though but a need to because that is a mark of a tough soldier.

I also need to salute Lawrence Kay Karikari of Cape Coast Constituency ( for his better nearer prediction of the Talensi by-election which was a nearer prediction than the predictions of all the known political analysts such Ben Ephson, President Mahama, Kweku Baako, Manasseh and others.

I say it was better because even though those mentioned above predicted a win for BT Baba/NDC, they couldn't provide us with figures as Dr Kay did.

Lawrence Kay Karikari aka Dr Kay'S Prediction on the Talensi by-election.

NDC - 47%
PNC - 24.48%
NPP - 26.70%
Other Parties - 1.82%


Official EC Results for Talensi By-election

Party Votes obtained Percentage (%) Rank

PPP 214 0.87% 4th

IPP 38 0.16% 8th

NVP 93 0.38% 5th

NDC 10,366 42.31% 1st

PNC 6,836 27.90% 3rd

GFP 58 0.24% 6th

UPP 49 0.20% 7th

NPP 6,845 27.94% 2nd

Other Parties
From the actual results, the total votes in percentage(%) for the other parties (PPP, IPP, NVP, GFP, UPP) is 0.85+0.16+0.38+0.24+0.20= 1.85%

So from a comparison of the prediction of Lawrence Kay Karikari aka Dr Kay and the Actual result, you can easily know, they were very near, meaning Kay did a great job.

Dr Kay, thumbs up and I'm also very glad because he belongs to no other party than the NPP, truly NPP has great talents.

I think the NPP should use him more, they should ask him how he came by the prediction, what were the parameters he took into consideration when he was doing his calculations for his prediction and what can be done to help increase our votes in that constituency and all other constituencies he has touched on. Thumbs up again Kay.

Thirdly I will salute NPP, I loved the unity in the NPP during the election.
The coming together of Alan, Nana Addo, Freddy Blay, Bawumia, Ohene Ntow and others to work on the same platform towards a common goal was of a great joy to most of us.

I loved the great speech by Alan, especially the part he said; "for the better development of Talensi, you will need to vote for the competent/best and that will be no other than voting for Thomas Duanaab Awuni now and Nana Addo in 2016."

A strong sense of UNITY in the air.

I loved how the NPP fought to the end even though they lost. Thumbs NPP, you have really made most of us very proud.


2012 By-election(5th July 2015)
NPP 6,845 = 27.94%
NDC 10,366 = 42.31%
PNC 6,836 = 27.90%

NPP 11,380 = 41%
NDC 9,119 = 33.22%
PNC. 6,420 = 23.39%

NPP 7,690 = 34.84%
NDC 9,548 = 44.29%

NPP 5,354 = 24.20%
NDC 8,346 = 37.70%

NDC 9655 = 45.30%
NPP 7607 = 35.70%

From an analysis of the election results in Talensi from 2000 till now, you can easily note that, this by-election has been NDC's best result and NPP worst result especially when you compare by the margin difference between NPP and NDC throughout all the elections from 2000 till now which has been organized in Talensi .

Meaning we lost more votes to the NDC, we have been beaten hugely by the NDC in this election than in any other election starting from 2000 till now.

Meaning the economic Hardships Mahama/NDC are pushing Ghanaians through, which the people of Talensi are part didn't have any effect on the Talensi votes in this by-election.

This is just a clear example that, economic hardship isn't the only constraint to winning an election in Ghana, other are also part, so a need for NPP to search for them and satisfy them all fully with respect to each constituency, if truly NPP wants to win the 2016.

Finally, my suggestion to NPP wil be;
We will need to investigate from the people in Talensi, the NDC(those ready to talk), the EC(those ready to talk) to help us with information and strategies we can use to win the heart of the people there and through that, help increase NPP's votes in 2016 and beyond.

Thank You and may GOD be praised always

Nana Kwadwo Akwaa... 0246913905 / 0209676413