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Opinions of Friday, 19 March 2010

Columnist: Adjei, Gideon

Commonweath of Asante

I am highly disturbed by the recent conflict between Asante and Techiman. I am not here to pass judgment against both parties. Techiman has a rich history of being the motherland of most of the Akan tribes.Fantes,Akwamu,Denkyira and many others traced their origin to Bono Manso in Techiman. Asantes on other hand have rich heritage of controlling the land greater than present Ghana. More to that,Asante has the advantage of preserving the Akan cultural heritage from adulteration.

Ghana as a whole is product of one sociological family. Techima,Dormaa,Kumawu,Asaremankese,Asumungya,Nyinahini and many others belong to one clan family of Aduana. Brekum,Fomena,Asokore,Cape Coast and many others belong to Ekoana clan.

The Present tribal societies are the product of 17th century nation builders like Akwamu,Denkyira,Asante,Akyem and many others that destroyed the clan states.

British colonial administration had the credit of uniting the then Gold in some ways by bringing the diverse tribal societies that were built by tribal war leaders to be under one country.

Nkrumah though had his weakness,did his best in promoting national unity through his developmental programs.

British after loosing many countries through the independent, chanced their dynamics with a new awareness of Commonwealth of nations ruled by British. The old way of claiming and annexing paramoutcies in other lands must give way to freewill dynamics of PEOPLE WITH ASANTE HERITAGE COMING TOGETHER FOR "ASANTE COMMONWEATH "MEETING.Nananom this is my childish admonishment.

The rest of Africa is looking to Ghana for direction.Akans are some how the dominant tribal entity in Ghana,and Asante is the bigest among the Akan tribes.

Ghana independence as the motivational factor that help many other black African to countries to attain their freedom. Nananom I humbly admonish a new dynamics of COMMONWEALTH OF ASANTE.

Gideon Adjei(M.SC Interfaith Theology)