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Opinions of Sunday, 5 February 2017

Columnist: Attiah, Osagyefo Kwaw

Comment on appointments

From the shores of Domunlinu Osagyefo Attiah Kwaw writes

IN the typical Nzema fashion, the political scene gets more charged with desperation and desperadoes as the appointments are made, especially with positions related to the Energy, Oil and Gas  sector and there are all the signs that triviality fever has since gripped the National Democratic Congress (NDC) members in the western region especially those in the three Nzema constituencies. It is, however, most unfortunate to observe that President Nana Akuffo Addo is being literally roped into the feverish frenzy despite his best efforts to insulate himself from the plague lest he gets distracted from the onerous task of leadership and fulfilment of his all-important Change Agenda.Â

At the time when appointment were not started these "born again Nzemas" gave birth to a paper top presure group demanding for specific ministerial and departmental positions even when the whistle was not blown. In another angle his Excellency the president appoints an illustrious daughter of the Nzemaland (Hon. Catherine Afeku) as a minister, these same people changed their intestine and corpse to form another group demanding the President suspends her candidature for reasons best known to them.

In other breath another Association resurrecting with  known people from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) even compounding the demands seeking to equalize the NDCs appointments made to Nzemas and also to diffuse notion that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is against Nzemas as propagated by their counterpart in the NDC. But though i sympathize with them yet i am wondering when governance was meant to settle political scores instead of equalizing the national riches.

The all of a sudden patriotism and author itativeness of some senior members of the Nzema Youth Association (NYA) and its new posture on this appointment especially who heads the Ghana Gas limited is what baffles me. Most of these people were busilly greasing and fluiding the campaign machines of the erstwhile administration yet forgetting that Osagyefo Barge from their backyard is rusting amidst weeds whilst it workers scattered in wilderness or is it because it is situated in Jomoro. I would be grateful if those puting on their citizen suits and still with red white green and black underwear rather become spectators for a while because the man Dr. Asante they are going hay and keen about reversing his appointment is also from the western region and speak our tongue as his maternal tongue, so he is one of us. Â

These so-called Associations  are nothing but a rickety contraption temporarily carrying strange bedfellows to their imaginary rendezvous with political power. The same inordinate ambition that brought them together will eventually trash their agenda because none of their leaders can really afford to drop naked partisan politics when the chips are down. This notwithstanding, the desperadoes of these association continue to come up with all sorts of schemes and plots designed to create the false impression that President Akuffo Addo and the NPP dislike Nzemas. Â

I am an Nzeman, and resolute to the full uninterrupted development of the Nzemaland and will be ready to stage a one man demonstration if we are marginalized and deprived of development, but also i believe just that we Nzemas are scattered all over the nation so the National resources should be nationally equitable and any Nzeman with all qualities and qualification should be given the room to explore without any hindrance at all spheres of the republic. I had my National my Natio nal Service in Wa (Wala land) Polytechnic as a teaching assistant and subsequently in Nandom (Dagari Land) senior high school without beign told that am an Nzeman. So i am urging my people to leave the president alone to do his appointment.

Yes, we should leave President Akuffo Addo alone to remain focussed on his on-going national assignment for which he has a popular mandate to pursue for an initial four- year tenure that takes him triumphantly to 2024.

As usual my back is bare waiting for the whips.

Osagyefo Kwaw Attiah
Social Commentator